More FAN-tastic Artwork Including Psylocke, Fantastic Four, Mystique and More !!!

We all love comic art. If there’s one thing artist enjoy doing, it’s drawing. Many artist don’t simply draw for the books the working on. Often they do sketches and commissions and post them on their blogs and Tumblrs. They are all way to amazing to go unnoticed and it’s our mission to make sure all of you get a chance to check them out.

It’s no secret Mike Allred is one of my absolute favorite artists. He updated his blog this week with some sweet commissions and art for a Hero Initiative auction. Check out his X-Men scene (with Edie Sawyer on the billboard!!), Fantastic Four and the one and only Madman.

== TEASER ==

A great piece of art can speak to you without requiring text. There are some artists that can capture quite a bit through a simple expression. Check out Mike Mayhew‘s sketch of Jean Grey posted over at

Phil Noto is another artist whose sketches speak volumes through the look in their eyes. He posted a few pieces on his Tumblr this week (yay!). Check out his Black Widow, Superman and Supergirl, It Girl and Madman, the Wild Pack (who later changed their name to Six Pack) and Hulk and Iron Man from The Avengers trailer.

Speaking of the Avengers, here’s a sketch of Thor Todd Nauck posted on his Tumblr.

Skottie Young posted a few sketches on his site. I love how he mixes it up and comes up with a great selection of random characters. Check out his Concrete, Gran’ma Ben (from BONE), and Splinter.

Tom Raney posted a couple commissions he did recently on his Twitter. It’s about the battles for him this week. Here’s his version of Thor vs. Silver Surfer and Thanos vs. Captain Mar-Vell.

Marcus To was asked to draw a chibi Damian. How could he resist? Thankfully for us, he shared it on his Tumblr.

You have to admit that’s pretty cute. Let’s continue the cuteness with the Justice League Agnes Garbowska posted on her Tumblr on Valentine’s Day.

Gene Gonzales shared this commission of Scarlet Witch and Enchantress. I think this piece speaks for itself.

Michael Walsh posted a couple sketches on his Tumblr this week. Check out his Jack Knight and a penciled and colored version of Lobster Johnson. It’s always interesting to see both versions.

Robert Atkins posted many many pieces this week on his blog. Here’s some commissions he did.

Robert posted a bunch of sketches of the Justice League of America. Here are some of them colored by Kyle Ritter. There’s more on his blog.

Last September he posted a bunch of X-Men characters and here they are colored by Simon Gough. There are more X-Men pics on his blog as well.

And finally, Daniel HDR came up with an amazing idea and posted it on his blog. The JUSTICE LEAGUE OF HANNA-BARBERA. If only we could actually see this. Can you name all the characters?

That’s it for this week. Let us know what you thought of these picks. Be sure to check out the next installment.

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