DC Unveils First Images Of Their ‘Second Wave’ of DC 52 Books

As we near the release date of DC’s upcoming ‘Second Wave’ titles, the more we see of the books. DC Comics recently gave readers a peek at some of the concept art and several interior pages to books like WORLD’S FINEST, EARTH 2, THE RAVAGERS, BATMAN, INC. and many more.

The publisher will be releasing a total of eight new books starting in May. Below are some images from the upcoming books from creators like Nicola Scott (EARTH 2), Chris Burnham (BATMAN, INC.), George Perez (WORLD’S FINEST), and many more. The photos were taken of the binder images where DC keeps assets of all of their upcoming projects.

But wait, that’s not all. The folks at CNET recently visited the DC offices and have posted images of their trip, giving fans a clearer picture of the inner workings of the comic book publisher. Over at Buzzfeed we got a look at some concept art for their upcoming BEFORE WATCHMEN books.

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