Enter the world of the SIREN’s CALLING. Will you be lured?


Would you dare to enter the world of the Sirens? In Greek mythology, the Sirens  were dangerous yet beautiful creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. If you hear the calling, more than likely it would be the last thing you hear.

But what happens when you take one of these Sirens out of their natural habitat? John T Trigonis and Lauren Clemente do this in their comic: Siren’s Calling.

Imagine yourself always being known for something, always doing the same thing, but you wanted a different way of life. You wanted to do something new.

Lorie Lye (Lorelei), a Siren, wants to be a movie star in 1947 Hollywood. Sometimes though you cant escape what you really are. What if the “urge”, the “hunger” inside of you overcomes you?

Siren’s Calling follows this journey and takes you down the path of a stranger in a strange land trying to fit in. Done in black and white, with fantastic shading to illustrate different moods in different scenes,  the story lends itself to the horror noir genre it’s trying to take on. This book reminds me of The Maltese Falcon and Kiss Me Deadly in the style it’s trying to convey.

Definitely a book you should take a look at if you like horror, noir, and crime stories. This first issue, ‘Angel from the Deep’ will definitely make you “hunger” for the next chapter to come out…..

Make Sure You Get Your Copy of SIREN’S CALLING #1 in Print at SirensCallingComic.com. You wont be disappointed….


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