WWE Fastlane Review or Why Do We Even Bother ….

Last night the WWE presented the Fastlane PPV. The big question is did you really expect a different result in the main event.

Dont get me wrong because Roman Reigns is a good performer but he does not have that “it” factor. He doesnt connect with the audience

as well as you want your superstar to do so.  Last night’s main event was full of action. If you didnt think that Brock Lesnar was a Beast, well

after last night you surely do.  Dean Ambrose is definitely a lunatic and proved it again last night. Out of the three people that were in the main

event, the person that the fans “least” wanted to win, won. The WWE has been trying to push Roman Reigns for a year and a half now and the situation

has not improved at all. Do they really expect things to change in about 40 days?  So you basically have a Wrestlemania main event (and really is this

your main event?) where Triple H will get more cheers than supposedly the “face”. Go figure.


Here is a quick summary of last night’s WWE Fastlane and our projected Wrestlemania in Dallas card….


Kalisto def. Alberto Del Rio: How come every time there is a 2 out of 3 falls match, it always goes 3 falls? Hopefully this is the end of of the feud. Too

many feuds have been going on a long time which basically shows the lack of depth in the WWE these days. What’s next for Kalisto. How about a feud with

Tyler Breeze and rebuild him up a little. I can definitely see good matches between the two. As for Del Rio….  after last night there may be a direction for the

League of Nations which we will touch on later…


Team BAE def. Team BAD: Very good opening match. Sasha and Becky worked well together. They’ll probably now both try to become the No 1 contender for

Charlotte’s title.


Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler: You know what makes great performers? Having a couple of wrestlers who have fought each other a number of times and still

be able to get the crowd into it. Owens had to win and it would be interesting to see what Wrestlemania brings for him.


The Oldtimers def. The Wyatt Family: Ryback put on his best performance ever. However what is the purpose of the Wyatt Family these days. Make them look

strong and when it counts, have them lose (always). WWE needs to get a clue with these guys ……


Charlotte def. Brie Bella: Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy  …  it was a feel good match and while people might have wanted Brie to win (for Daniel Bryan) the right person won.


AJ Styles def. Chris Jericho: Jericho still has the capability to make anyone look very good. That’s a talent in itself. AJ showed why he is “the phenomenal one”. Kicking

out of the Styles Clash though already? So in a month since AJ Styles joined WWE, he has lost a match and someone has kicked out of the finisher that he is most known for.

Good job WWE in building up a person….


The New Day with Edge & Christian: Started off okay as the put downs were right on target but this got to be more and more of a glorified commercial for the new

Edge and Christian. Add in the League of Nations towards the end which no one is afraid of 9and why do each of them have to say something). This was a wast of time.


R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel: I was wondering if we were watching Superstars or Main Event. This match doesnt belong on a WWE PPV let alone on an edition of Raw or

Smackdown. Luckily you’re only paying $9.95 for this. Imagine paying $39.95 or $49.95 and getting this match added….


So what do we now do for Wrestlemania? Well we’re be there for the show and several things could be happening. here is our match card predictions:

WWE Champion Triple H vs Roman Reigns  (but will this really be the Main Event?)

The Undertaker vs John Cena. Cena is doing everything he can to come back in time to help out the WWE with all their injuries. I will be more surprised if it

doesnt happen.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks. This match could actually steal the show. Give them at least 15 minutes to show what they can do.

IC Champion Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles. Here we go, another match of the night contender.

US Champion Kalisto vs Tyler Breeze. Going to have to build Tyler Breeze up a lot for this but it can happen. Otherwise who?

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar. Dean has a lot to prove with Brock. Expect Dean to be hammered from pillar to post but he’ll keep coming back

The New Day vs The League of Nations. The seeds were sown last night. Now will they continue forward?

Stardust vs Stephen Amell. They been building this up for a while. If it’s going to come to pass it will come to pass here….

The Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Ok put everyone else in here and make the winner someone who can actually build momentum with…


What do you think about the above matches? What are your thoughts? let us know in the comment section….

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