#WWE You were worried about A J Styles? Now he is in a program with John Cena! Oh wait … hmmm


After A J Styles lost his second Main Event PPV to Roman Reigns you wondered what was next for him… mid-card hell? Then he loses his MITB qualifier match.  Is he even going to be on the MITB PPV as he looked like he had no one to wrestle. No matter how good he has been over the last few months, and he has definitely been phenomenal, it would have been very easy to leave him out.

No longer a member of The Club. No direction, no purpose…   yes Vince has buried another one.

Well this past Monday Night Raw marked the return of John Cena!!! So as John was making his speeches about the new era and they have to go through him, who comes out… A J Styles.

The crowd was going nuts having them both in the ring and it really seemed sincere. A J wants to welcome John Cena back but they are interrupted by Gallows and Anderson. As Gallows and Anderson approach the ring, A J and Cena take off their shirts ready to take them on but wait!!! A J attacks John Cena, leaves and attacks him again, leaves and attacks him again.

The Club is reunited (that breakup lasted a long time)….

So if you were worried about A J Styles well now he is in a feud with John Cena and any feud with John Cena is always a high profile one….

Expect a MITB match between the two….

Oh wait .. that’s right .. AJ Styles is in a feud with John Cena. I wonder how that will end up 😉

Nevermind… you should be worried……

Photos from the WWE



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