Okay True Believers, It’s Time To Wish Stan Lee HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

94 years young, Stanley Martin Leiber was born in New York City, on December 28, 1922, to Jewish-Romanian immigrants Jack Leiber and the former Celia Solomon.  He got a job at Timely comics getting coffee and filling inkwells for the people there but then he had an opportunity to write a text-only story to serve as filler in a May 1941 “Captain America” comic book.

“Stan Lee” was then born as he intended to save his full name for the future occasion when he became a writer of literary fiction. He then started writing more superhero stories and then after Joe Simon and Jack Kirby left Timely, Stan Lee was appointed acting editor-in-chief at the age of 19!

The owner of Timely Comics, Martin Goodman, asked Stan to come up with a new group of superheroes to compete with DC. In August of 1961, Stan and the returning Jack Kirby came out with the Fantastic Four and Marvel was officially born. His superheroes have always been known as normal with everyday problems as compared to DC’s larger than life characters.

Nowadays, Stan is known as much for his cameos in Marvel movies as for his work with the company.

You can see them all below…..


He is a national treasure and we thank him for all the joy he has provided us through the years.



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