Oh Savitar, My Savitar ….. MEH?

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Spoilers Ahead!!!

So last night was the big reveal as to who was really the big bad for this season, Savitar, on The Flash.

As we saw, Savitar was a “future” Barry Allen. So when he said earlier this year “I am the Future Flash”, there was no comma between Future and Flash. He was telling the present Flash who he really was…

Over the last few weeks, there was a growing ground swell of support that it was future Barry Allen so upon the reveal, most people I would say, was disappointed.

In all honesty, who could have been that would have made you excited?

Did the Internet ruin it for you? If you had not seen that more and more people thinking that it was a future Barry Allen would you have been more surprised?

But it’s not the reveal that should entice you. It’s the back story as to why that should pique your interest and curiosity for several reasons.

  • This is not the future Barry Allen that the present Barry Allen recently met so who is he and from what year?
  • How did he get that scar?
  • How did he become Savitar?
  • What caused him to go back in time and want to kill the love of his life, Iris? Was there something else that occurs in the future that killing Iris was a necessity?

There are a lot of questions to be answered still and the story is not about who he is but what made him do the things that he did….

Stay tuned




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