It Was Major Character Death Week In The Comics…


So what does the death of a character in the comics mean to you?

Sometimes nothing if it’s a character you dont follow, sometimes a lot if the character has been around for a long time and/or has played a major role in story lines that you have read over the years. This week we had three deaths…

The first one, in Batman #22, while this particular version of the character hasnt been around for that long, is the death of Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce, who is the Batman of the Flashpoint universe. He quickly became a fan favorite, but maybe his final words will change Bruce Wayne / Batman forever ….


The second death is more of a sad one because this character has been a major supporting player in Marvel’s history for many years: Rick Jones. he first came into the scene and as the Incredible Hulk’s sidekick, and eventually was one for Captain Mar-Vell and even was Captain America’s partner for a little while. In Secret Empire #1, Captain America tries to recruit Rick into Hydra. and when  he refuses, Cap orders him to be executed. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that this is a very depressing story and again the final words by the character who is dying, touches you and you winder, how does Marvel really get out of this story line…


So we had a death in DC, a death in Marvel, so how about a death in the indies. While the TV series has deviated from the comic and this person has been dead for a while on the TV series, in the comics they had survived, until now. In Walking Dead #167, Robert Kirkman kills off a fan favorite character: Andrea. In the comics, Andrea (not Michonne) and Rick have the relationship. Andrea is the surrogate mother for Carl. In issue #165, Andrea was bitten by a walker when she saved Eugene from a herd which had surrounded him. She was a major player in the Walking Dead comic.

Just before the issue had ended, a tearful Rick Grimes had to ……..

The Walking Dead‘s writer/creator Robert Kirkman took a full page to write a letter apologizing to fans about the death of Andrea. Killing the character was as hard on him as anyone else. I guess he is just like us the rest of us who are committed to characters that we have grown with through the years.

What are your thoughts?


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