Has Marvel and ABC Already Given Up On THE INHUMANS???

I used to be involved in the entertainment business years ago so at time I do look at things from a different perspective. The way things are presented, the way things are worded. Sometimes things just catch your eye and you ask yourself why things are being said or done a certain way.

Let’s backtrack a little.┬áMarvel’s Inhumans┬ádebuted early this month in IMAX theaters and wasn’t that well received or liked. It presently has a 7% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes which is an all time low for Marvel. Also, only 60-70% of audiences stated they liked it, which again is extremely low for a Marvel product.

Now look at how Marvel’s Inhumans is being advertised:

The words “complete series” is an odd choice of words. It’s almost like saying it’s over after this (“complete”). So you have to wonder if Marvel and ABC already based on the bad press this has gotten and the backlash it has received have given up on this show. Will they actually show all the episodes if it starts off poorly ratings wise?

So I ask you, will you be watching this show at all because you are interested in it or even if you want to see what kind of train wreck it is?

I’m not even going to put it on. How about you?


(via Cosmic Book News)

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