Who Is Voyager? Here Is Our Top Pick!

If you havent read Marvel Legacy #1 dont go any further……… Voyager is a founding member of The Avengers. WHAT????? “I can tell you she’s the most important character in the Marvel Universe that you don’t remember – but you will,” Marvel exec Tom Brevoort said. Be that as it may, what do we know about her so far.

Well in Marvel Legacy #1, she’s first seen as part of the Founding Avengers statue outside of Avengers Mansion. she’s then seen as what looks like the cover of Avengers: No Surrender #676 which is Part 2 of the story. That covers shows someone holding up a copy of the iconic Avengers #1 and there she is…. Voyager.

So who is Voyager??? For one thing, we know her secret identity is “Valerie Vector.” Ahhh yes, that explains everything… NOT! She also supposedly shares DNA with “secret history” characters like The Sentry (hmmm but which one) and Blue Marvel. For those you who dont know them…..

You can find out about Sentry here

You can find out about Blue Marvel here

So where does that leave us….. with maybe one person it could be:  Valeria Richards

Valeria Richards.jpg

But she’s a kid! We did see her at the end of Marvel Legacy #1 and talking about coming back to the Marvel Universe. She may be developing some reality altering powers. Why not? Her brother, Franklin Richards has them. However Voyager is an adult with the Founding Avengers but then again so did her brother as an adult travel back in time at one point


Of course, there’s that name – “Valerie Vector.” “Valeria” and “Valarie” are very similar.


But there are still too many things that still dont make sense and Marvel has just already mucked around with the timeline and things with Secret Empire. Do you think that would muck around the timeline again now?

So there you have it as to who we think Voyager is?

So tell us below what are your guesses. Do you even care what Marvel is doing at this point in their comics or do you just wish they would stop changing things so much?


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