Catwoman’s Answer To Batman

The Marriage Proposal

In Batman #24, Bruce Wayne/Batman tell Selina Kyle/Catwoman to marry him and we’ve been waiting for her answer since that issue. Well wait no more.

We find out the answer in this Wednesday’s Batman #32. However, USA Today is already providing us the answer to that question with additional comments from writer Tom King (whose writing on Batman has just been phenomenal). Will she say Yes or will she say No. The answer is below so of course SPOILERS!!!

The Answer

Well Catwoman says “yes”, but not before Bruce Wayne confesses to her about a moment in his past when he tried to stab the Riddler with a knife but was stopped by the Joker, almost breaking his cardinal rule of never killing. He felt that before she said yes or no, his longtime girlfrenemy needed to know so she could make the right decision.

But Catwoman is no saint and she understands these type of things better than most people.

“That to me is what true love is,” says writer Tom King. “It’s showing who you truly are to someone. It’s letting someone know deep down who you are and that’s horribly frightening and it scares Batman as much as anything ever has.”

King also states that, “they’re two broken people, and because they’re broken, they have the edges that fit together.”

Will they be happy together? Will we even get to a wedding? We are talking Batman here and Batman has always lived a life of solitude.  My feeling is that we should all get ready for a roller coaster ride.

So go to USA Today for more quotes from King. But most of all, check out the big moment below…..

Do you think they will get married? Let us know in the comments

Catwoman gives Batman the long-awaited answer to his

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