Ranking The Top Superhero Movies of 2017

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Say what you want but Superhero Movies are here to stay. The genre doesnt look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Plans are already made through 2022 for these type of movies. So if you like them, be happy. Be very very happy …. So here are the superhero movies from 2017 ranked from last to first. Do you agree with our choices?

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Superhero Movies – No 10 – The Inhumans

Was The Inhumans really a movie?

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Well in a way you can say yes as the first two episodes of the ABC series were aired as a modified film on IMAX screens. You could tell from the start that this was a disaster. I dont know why Marvel didnt use pre-screening audiences or whatever to make massive changes (and maybe commitments forces them to put this out). We needed something to be clearly on the the bottom and The Inhumans just made it a simple choice. Like they say… nothing to see here, moving on.

Superhero Movies – No 9 – Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Johansson looked fantastic in her costume! Okay we’re done with the good part of this movie.

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So where do we start.. the whitewashing controversy or the idea where people decide to throw out everything that made this series so popular because they had a different vision. They didnt update the series which would have been acceptable, they changed the idea and the concept for the series. Being different than the original is not always better cause most times the people forget what made the original popular in the first place.

Superhero Movies – No 8 – Power Rangers

Go Go Power Rangers was more like No No Power Rangers …..

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A re-boot of the 90s TV show, with the theme song that you will never ever forget, there was no in-depth look into the various characters. waiting for It’s Morphin Time became more like It’s Snoring Time waiting for the characters to get into their costumes and zords. However it was good that they explained the story behind the Power Rangers. Sequels coming?

Superhero Movies – No 7 – Justice League

Boy, we really wanted to like the Justice League movie …..

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You were finally going to see a group of your favorite superheroes together: The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, and Cyborg so what could go wrong? Everything … After the complaints about Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, this needed to be a hit for the DCEU. It wasnt. Whether or not it was Warner Bros meddling in it to cut it down to 2 hours (and we can only tell when if an extended version ever comes out) but to use a secondary villain like Steppenwolf (who was over CGIed) was a bad mistake. You needed to hit a home run with the villain, someone like Darkseid who was referred to in Batman V Superman, but let’s save him for the second movie. What Warner Bros didnt think about is what if the first movie doesnt do well enough that there isnt a second movie. Just amazing in what the thought process must have been for this …..


Superhero Movies – No 6 – The Lego Batman Movie

We included this animated movie because it was a take on one of the most popular DC superheroes around, Batman.

Image result for The Lego Batman Movie

This movie has a great cast voicing the various characters and gives a great reviews of the Batman story. A fun movie that you are going to want to watch a number of times to catch all the nuances. It almost makes you wish that the Justice League movie was made in Lego.


Superhero Movies – No 5 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The follow-up to the very popular first movie which took the Marvel Universe into outer space came out this year.

Image result for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"

If you’re a fan of great 70s, 80s, and 90s, music, there are a lot of great songs in this sequel. While the story can be plodding at times it still mixes the right amount of humor with the right amount of seriousness. Who knew that someone like Dave Bautista had these comedic chops in him. Also any parent who has young kids just needs to look at Baby Groot and think about all the things that their own kids do. A worthwhile successor to the original.


Superhero Movies – No 4 – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Let’s re-do Spider-Man again. This is where things get tricky.

Image result for Spider-Man: Homecoming

After five (has their already been five before this?) movies on Spider-Man, Tom Holland brings a fresh outlook to the Peter Parker/Spider-Man role. People forget that Spider-Man started with Peter Parker being in high school and this movie takes a Young Adult approach to Spider-Man. The casting choices were a little weird and that may have been because I am familiar with Spider-Man history but Marisa Tomei as a “young” Aunt May may have taken it a bit too far. Michael Keaton (bring him back as Batman) though gives a brilliant performance in this movie. More movies to come from Spider-Man.

Superhero Movies – No 3 – Thor: Ragnarok

Finally a a worthy Marvel villain in a long time as Cate Blanchart was phenomenal as Hela!

Image result for thor ragnarok hela

Was Thor: Ragnarok too much of a comedy? Probably yes or maybe we’re just not used to seeing it that often. Was worked in this movie was seeing the growth of Thor, the inclusion of the Hulk, and some memorable characters like Korg. I wasnt blown away by Tessa Thompson’s take on Valkyrie though. However, for once Marvel made a movie where you can say that we are beginning a new chapter in the life of Thor by the end of it. It was nice to see that.

Superhero Movies – No 2 – Wonder Woman

When they first said that Gal Godot was going to play Wonder Woman I said who? Boy did that change pretty fast.

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Gal Gadot is a tour de force as Wonder Woman. She is everything you want in this character and then some. Strength, grace, and beauty, she shows her power walking across the battlefield to face the Germans and her innocence in experiencing things like ice cream for the first time. The main villain could have been so much better though and that holds it from the top spot. Here’s a thought. What do you think about this?Can Wonder Woman be the tentpole for the DCEU. Find out what we think about this in a previous story that we had written here How To Save The DCEU

Superhero Movies – No 1 – Logan

If Hugh Jackman is to say goodbye to Logan / Wolverine, this was definitely the way to do it.

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Logan is more than a superhero movie and that is probably why it sets itself apart from the other superhero movies. It was a character driven movie about two friends, Professor X and Logan, continuing their journey through life. The introduction of X-23 and setting up possible future sequels with her as the focal point was set up well.  The villains once again werent so great but the story was about the end of a journey and that played well. Heartfelt and emotional, this film was a proper goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s run as Logan. Dont be surprised to see Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in contention for Academy Awards because they truly deserved it.


So there you have our top superhero movies of the year. What do you think of our choices?

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