Will A Superhero Movie Be Nominated For Best Picture

Anti Superhero Movie Movement?

Superhero movies… why do they matter? Balloting for the Academy Award nominations ended on Friday, Jan 12th. No true superhero movie has ever been nominated for Best Picture. It used to be that only five pictures were nominated for Best Picture. However when 2008’s much acclaimed “The Dark Knight” didnt receive a nomination, there was an uproar. It was the public outcry over “Dark Knight” being not being nominated in 2009 that, many observers believe, led the Academy to expand the best picture nomination field to include a maximum of 10 titles.

However no superhero movie has ever been nominated yet since that time. This year though, there are two possible contenders: Wonder Woman and Logan.

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Why Should Wonder Woman Get Nominated?

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There are several reasons why Wonder Woman should be nominated. Warner Bros. is heavily behind this movie. They will have private screenings for Academy members, take out major trade paper ads and will really push this movie. In essence it a war movie, World War I, and war movies tend to do very well. Patty Jenkins, the director, has received many plaudits, and hopefully will receive a a Best Director nomination, that only bodes well for the picture in general. The movie itself was also a surprise in how well it did, and with a woman director and a woman star, the Academy could embrace the diversity. This movie has so many good things for it.



Why Should Logan Get Nominated?

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For once, there seems to be two superhero movies that are more than just superhero movies. The other one is “Logan”. Hugh Jackman plays the title character, aka Wolverine. The final(?) chapter in the Wolverine saga, it was a huge hit and critically acclaimed. More than a superhero story, it’s a story of a mentor and a his student, or a father and a son, on their final journey together through life. Patrick Stewart gives a fantastic performance reprising his role as Professor X which may garner a Best Supporting Actor nomination for himself.



Which Superhero Movie?

So if you could only choose one movie, which movie do you think has a better chance of getting a Best Picture nomination?

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