Have You Ever Seen The Artwork Of Michael Broom

The Artistry of Michael Broom

Michael Broom is a special effects master, storyboard and concept artist, and a comic book creator. You may have seen Michael’s work but just dont know it. He has worked on films like The Mist, The Cabin in the Woods, The Thing (2011), The Crazies, Jennifer’s Body, Predators, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, R.I.P.D, and Lost Boys: The Tribe, as well as TV series like AMC’s mega hit The Walking Dead, and MTV’s Teen Wolf.

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Why We Are Interested In Michael Broom

Besides the interesting work that Michael has done through the years, he has actually created the most popular piece of artwork that we have ever posted by far: The Jellyfish Girl.

More of Michael Broom

So we wanted to thank him in a way by showing some of the other pieces that he has created and direct you to his website if you wanted to see more of his work. You would be amazed at some of it.

Where Can You Find Him?

You can find Michael Broom’s work on his website MICHAEL BROOM

So be on the lookout for Michael as he continues to do fantastic work…

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