Luv This – Captain Ameripug: The First Pugvenger

This past weekend my wife and I, along with our pooch Pearl the pug, attended the 12th annual Oregon Humane Society Pug Crawl in Portland. This year’s theme for the OHS fundraiser was “Pug Nation: A Better Pug for a Better America!” which came alive in a parade of costumed pugs and pug mixes wearing a variety of patriotic costumes. While the entire parade was a feast for my pug-loving senses, one marcher in particular caught my eye: A pug cosplaying as Captain America. Take a peek at full-size photos of a friendly pooch we’ll call Captain Ameripug after the jump.


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Azrael, Ra’s Al Ghul and More Coming in DC Direct’s Third ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Series

DC Direct Collectibles will expand its line of Batman: Arkham City action figures on September 19, with brand new versions of Azrael, Ra’s al Ghul, the Penguin, two clown thugs (one with a knife, the other with a baseball bat) and Batman himself. As usual, the toys will stand around 6.75″, with the diminutive Penguin keeping in scale at just 5.25″ tall, as seen during NYCC this past fall. Interestingly, the line features the most basic of the Arkham City Batman figures from DCC thus far, following an unmasked version and a “Detective Mode” outfit. Series three is also the first not to feature any female figures (Talia al Ghul and Oracle are possibilities), with Harley Quinn and Catwoman included in previous rollouts. Accessory information is a little light right now, but product images indicate clown thugs will be armed and Ra’s will come equipped with a sword and Azrael probably will too if that scabbard is any indication. You can check out more images of Batman: Arkham City series three action figures after the jump.

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Superman Mr. Potato Head and Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head Coming in August

The DC Comics toyverse just got enriched with  some tuberous titans with the announcement of Superman Mr. Potato Head  and Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head. Referring to the plastic potato  heroes as cosplayers, The Source reports that the figures will stand 6″ tall and  arrive in stores sometime this August. Both toys feature “classic” designs  rather than costumes from DC’s “New 52″ continuity or various multimedia  interpretations of the characters. Batman’s The Dark Knight Spud incarnation, which is set for a  slightly earlier release this summer, will probably still form a suitable  starchy trinity with the two potaheroes, though. Given Mr. Potato Head and Mrs.  Potato Head’s costume choices, one can only imagine what form their offspring  might take. It’s doubtful fans will ever see a Lara Spud from The Dark  Knight Strikes Again, but it should be interesting to see if customizers  get cracking come August. Take a look at DC’s superheroic Potato Heads after the  jump.

[Via The Source]

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New ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Arrives !!!

There’s a new The Dark Knight Rises trailer, guys. We could tell you a bunch about it, but how about we just post it sans spoilers so you can take in Batman/Catwoman/Bane goodness yourself and stew in anticipation awaiting the film’s July 20 release? Sound legit? Hit the jump to get your The Dark Knight Rises trailer fix.


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The Black Cat’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Game Look Revealed !

So far Activision and Beenox’s promos for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man game have  been all about the animals, showing off images and video of Spidey foes the Rhino, the Iguana and a giant bug-like robot or two. Newly released images  of Black Cat continue this animal trend, although instead of being a  crazy killer mutant, this potential frenemy seems animal in name only.

This new design marks the third “movie” version  of Black Cat, following an appearance in the Spider-Man 2 game and an action  figure in the Spider-Man 3 toy line. Though this design isn’t  necessarily going to see play in a sequel to the relaunched movie-verse, it’s  the closest thing to canon Felicia Hardy’s alter ego might get considering this  game’s plot follows the events of Andrew Garfield’s onscreen Spider-Man  debut.

The images arrive more or less alongside the launch of the official The Amazing Spider-Man videogame  website, which currently hosts new images and character descriptions of  Spidey allies (and regular ol’ humans) Gwen Stacy and reporter Whitney  Chang.

Check out new images of Black Cat from The Amazing  Spider-Man videogame, out June 26, below:

[Click Images to  Enlarge]

[Via Facebook, Hero HQ]

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First-Look at Green Lantern in ‘Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes’

More and more playable characters from Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games’ Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes are being  revealed all the time as the game’s June 19 release date approaches. Last week SFX confirmed both Wonder Woman and Catwoman would be  joining a cast that includes Batman, Robin and Superman, and now we’ve  been given an exclusive early look at Green Lantern. Sporting his  classic DC Comics costume, this 3D render of Green Lantern Hal Jordan  demonstrates his upcoming in-game abilities. In addition to flight, this blocky  GL will also have the power to create suitably green Lego brick constructs.  Those abilities should come in handy when players face off against Lex Luthor  and the Joker in the game. I just hope the upcoming Green Lantern Lego minifig  also gets its own plastic boxing glove construct. Check out the full Green  Lantern render, along with his character description for Lego Batman 2  after the jump.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Green Lantern

Real  Name: Hal Jordan
Base: Interstellar Space, Sector  2814
Special Powers and Abilities: Wielding a Green Lantern  power ring-a weapon fueled by willpower-Green Lantern can fly and create  constructs made of pure energy, generating anything including massive green  fists.
In-Game Abilities: Flight, and the ability to  construct unique Green LEGO objects
Sources: DC Comics Web Site, The DC Comics Encyclopedia

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes arrives June 19 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,  Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC.

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‘Lego DC Universe Super Hero Movie Maker’ App is a Free Stop Motion Tool ….

Though its a branded app promoting a specific — but by most Lego/Batman fan accounts, really fun, toy line — the new Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Movie Maker app that’s now available for free on iOS devices seems like a solid stop motion animation tool for anyone trying their hand at bringing toys to life through film. The app’s official description notes that it sports a simple interface designed with kids in mind, but anything that can “shoot, edit, even score your movie with music,” seems like a cool piece of software to try out. You can see the app at work after the cut, but don’t blame us if you get caught recording toys at your desk when you have important reports to file.

From iTunes’ official app description:
-Add & delete frames to your movie
-Choose from 5 different soundtracks
-Add a color filter to the camera
-Customize one of 11 different title LEGO Super Heroes cards
-Save your movie to your camera roll then share with your friends
You can check out the app’s trailer, tutorial and screen caps below.
Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Movie Maker Trailer

Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Movie Maker Tutorial

Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Movie Maker Screen Captures

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Diamond Select Toys Unveils Loki’s Army Action Figure …..

Following last week’s premiere of The Avengers in Hollywood, many spoiler hungry fans have already learned the identity of Loki’s mystery army in the film. But guess what? We’re going to keep on calling them “Loki’s Army” until the movie comes out in a small effort to keep your potential moviegoing experience intact until May 4. That said, looking at Diamond Select Toys’ images of a Loki soldier from its Marvel Select action figure line and Minimate versions of his underlings shouldn’t spoil their identity — until they have a name they are just kind of pasty mean dudes in gold armor, right? See all of the upcoming figures bearing the likeness of Loki’s Army after the jump.

The Marvel Minimates Series 45 “Loki’s Army Footsoldier” drops in May in a two-pack with Maria Hill while a variant set will pack the soldier alongside a “General” from Loki’s army. Come July, fans will be able to find the 7″ Marvel Select footsoldier figure at comic shops and specialty stores as well.

You can scope out all the upcoming Avengers toy offerings below:

[Via DST]


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Cartoon Network’s ‘Beware the Batman’ Teaser Video …..

The first official teaser footage of Cartoon Network’s upcoming CG animated Beware the Batman series has arrived, and it brings the wrath. The clip focuses solely on the Caped Crusader rather than his gun-toting ally Alfred and his new crimefighting partner Katana, and gives the distinct impression that villains like Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie aren’t going to be dealing with a kinder, gentler Batman. The show, which is staffed by executive producer Sam Register, and producers Glen Murakami (Batman Beyond) and Mitch Watson (Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated), still doesn’t have a concrete release date, but is expected to drop in 2013. Check out the new Beware the Batman teaser after the jump.


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Thunder Thunder ‘ThunderCats’ Nintendo DS Game Coming in August – HO !!!!

A lot of ThunderCats fans have been concerned by the recently relaunched series’ noted absence at this past year’s Toy Fair and on Cartoon Network’s new season guide. Well, regardless of whether it provides any assurance of a second season or just a holdover of marketing efforts that were already in motion, those fans should be pleased to discover that Namco Bandai and Aspect Digital have a new ThunderCats video game for the Nintendo DS (not 3DS, sadly) set to drop in August. Players will control Lion-O (with assists from fellow cats Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, and WilyKit/WilyKat) as he cuts down evil lizard guys and charge up the Sword of Omens. The game seems like a fairly standard 2D action game, but I doubt most players will mind since it seems to let them shout “ThunderCats Ho!” and clear a screen of foes. Check out five screen shots from the upcoming ThunderCats DS game after the cut.

[Via Siliconera/Cruncyroll]


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