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The Awesome Scooby-Doo/Wonder Woman Crossover We Didn’t Ask For But Are Glad Exists

Wonder Woman has been quite the topic of conversation of late, thanks to the news that the popular and critically-acclaimed Brian Azzarello/Cliff Chiang creative team would soon be leaving her title after

The Return of Blue Devil and Black Lightning to the DC Universe !

Yesterday may have been Independence Day here in the United States, but public relations never takes a holiday! DC Comics made two notable announcements via their Source blog yesterday, one of which

DC Releases Designs for ‘Earth Two’ Batman and Robin !!!

Filed under: DC, News, Art If not the most eagerly anticipated of DC Comics' "New 52" second wave titles launching in May, Earth 2 is definitely the most mysterious. It bears

Another New Spider-Man Costume Coming Your Way This Spring

Filed under: Marvel Everyone knows that Spider-Man got his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe he wasn't also bitten by a radioactive clotheshorse,

DC’s Captain Marvel Officially Changing His Name To SHAZAM !!!!

Filed under: DC, News When Captain Marvel finally makes his belated entry into DC's September-launched New 52 iverse, he'll do so with one rather big change: He'll no longer be Captain Marvel,

Some Thoughts on the Possibility of a Live-Action ‘Green Arrow’ TV Series. Are You Hoping To See It Made?

Filed under: Television, Opinion Green Arrow is the latest DC Comics superhero being considered to star in a live-action television series of his own. According to Entertainment Weekly, The CW network is

‘Twas the Night Before Wednesday…

Okay, I don’t know if it’s actually that heavy or not, but the new Thor By Walter Simonson Omnibus is a big one: It’s 7.8-inches by 11.2-inches, and just under 1200 pages


A couple of publishers on their Eisner nominations: Drawn and Quarterly’s Peggy Burns admits to feeling very appreciated over the publisher’s 11 nominations, which almost half as many nominations as books they


This week’s discussion topic: This week’s Village Voice is the special “Comics Issue,” and features a great cover by Ward Sutton, depicting comics characters in the styles of different catoonists (Jack Kirby’s

(Another) two from Tokyopop: Butterfly Vol. 1 and Clean-Freak: Fully-Equpped Vol. 1

I like high concepts as much as the next guy, even if the next guy is a rabid otaku, and, let’s face it, when it comes to high-concept comics, Japan’s are higher

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