San Diego Comic Con 2011 – EPIC Fail

Ticket sales for Comic Con International: San Diego 2011 are open. The four day (with preview night) sold out at last year’s show (which means now the only way to get into Preview Night at the show is to attend the previous show) and

Four days for $105 full price, or single days for $37 ($20 for Sundays) still represents remarkable value considering the shows, panels, creators and publishers laid on. The real expense will be with travel and hotels – and all that fun is yet to come.

So the question is… when will the Four Day Pass sell out?

The website is slow, but staying up. For now. Here comes the traffic. Say, let’s see if Bleeding Cool can send them a little more

UPDATE: Twenty minutes in and the registration page has crashed.

UPDATE 2: No one at Epic, the people meant to be handling the registrations, and whose system crashed last time, are answering calls. At least not mine…

"Just Seen The Green Lantern Trailer…Why Is He Not A Black Guy?"

It was one of those oddities I came across a couple of years ago. Most people who have heard of Green Lantern, think he’s black.

When I say "most people", I’m not talking comic readers. Comic readers are not most people.

And, indeed, most people have never actually heard of Green Lantern.

But of those who have, they are more likely to have come across Green Lantern on the more recent Justice League cartoons, than have read the comic. And the Green Lantern who appears in that cartoon? John Stewart. An human Green Lantern – who happens to be black. The choice of Lantern was clearly made to diversify the otherwise horrendously white (and green) team – something that has often not bothered the comic book version.

So, with these millions of viewers who believe that Green Lantern is black, a number seem to have been surprised to see the trailer for the movie. Which shows the white Green Lantern character portrayed by a white actor.

And Twitter is exploding.

Kellayyye: Black People + Green Lantern Trailer = Continuous Disappointment

booker22 I could’ve sworn that he was black in the cartoons… Now they make a movie and turn the green lantern white…

AYOPHOTOGRAPHY I thought the Green Lantern was Black O_o

PhaaatAlbert I love Ryan Renolds, but GREEN LANTERN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BLACK!

gorgeous_poison i thought the green lantern was black ? yo they tripping !

madylove09 So. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t The Green Lantern black?

0h_So_LawLess: Green Lantern movie coming out. The have a white guy playing him. Smh, one of the only black superheros and they made him white. Smh.

Frizellikz_: Ok isn’t the Green Lantern sapposed to be a BLACK super hero?<=hell yea dey played us

Prissy_Coco: The Green Lantern suppose to be black right? So why am I looking at a white nigga n his suit black ppl can’t have shit?

shotgun_BANG :Theres a green lantern movie & i’m MADDDDD upset because he’s supposed to be black!

Dace_Face The green lantern is black .. Now why in the movie he white

wtfryank: The green lantern is supposed to be black. Ryan Reynolds say whaaat?

JaiBella14: Why is green lantern ryan reynolds he’s black in the comics I thought??? // That’s what I be sayin.

sc4bway: Just saw The Green Lantern movie preview and the green lantern is white! Thats the only black superhero!

Mack_FBMG: Hey The green Lantern Is BLACK! WTF IS THIS WHITE GUY LMAO!

Impala_ryder: They making a green lantern movie and the main character is white…..everybody kno the green lantern was BLACK…..smdh

niki71891: Soooo DC comcis…….gonna make the green lantern……white….nigga suppose 2 be BLACK!!!

longliveamour: Uh Uh! Green Lantern supposed to be black!!!!

zacflywalker: Harry potter is siiiiick still pissed that the green lantern isn’t a black man anymore!

AsiaLikeTheTown: The Green Lantern trailer doesn’t look remotely entertaining…especially since the original Green Lantern was a black dude!

Eiofhighrollers: Just Seen The Green Lantern Trailer…Why Is He Not A Black Guy?

You know, around now would be a really good time for DC and/or Warner to mention that Nick Jones is actually going to playing John Stewart in the movie.

Comica At The London Print Studio

This is what happens when upu mess with a comics arts festival. It up sticks and moves across town. Issues with the Institute of Contemporary Art have seen the annual ComICA festival drop those capitals to become plain old Comica and relocate its main stage to the London Print Studio in West London, well away from the poncey premises next door to Buckingham Palace. And into the wide open spaces, well away from anything resembling decent public transport. But much cheaper drinks. And less bad DJing.

But if you can get there, you’ll find some gems in the upcoming two weeks.

Tuesday, 23rd November

Louis Wain: The Man Who Drew Cats – Dodgem Logic’s David Quantick and Savage Pencil on Edwardian cat artist Louis Wain, £4, 7pm to 8pm, London Print Studio

Wednesday, 24th November

Comica Argentina with Carlos Nine & Thomas Dassance, £4, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, London Print Studio

Thursday, 25th November

Sarah Ardizzone & Ros Schwartz: The Little Prince – translators talking about the biggest selling French language book. £5, 7.30pm, Institut Francais

Launch Party: A Graphic Cosmogony. The story of creation retold by 24 artists. Free, Nobrow, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Monday, 29th November

Paul Gravett: From Escape To Now – an illustrated talk about his lifelong passion for comics, from the 80s Escape Magazine to now. £1.50, 6.30pm to 9.30pm, The Rag Factory

Tuesday, 30th November

Launch Party: Frank Hampson – Tomorrow Revisited. The 60th anniversary of the creatuon of Dan Dare at the launch of this new book. Free, Chris Beetles Gallery, 6pm to 8pm

Wednesday 1st December

Steve Bell & Bryan Talbot, swapping tales of their prolific careers. £12, 6.45pm to 8.15pm, ICA

Thursday, 2nd December

Launch Party: Gonzo You’re invited to the launch party of Gonzo by Will Bingley and Anthony Hope-Smith. Free, London Print Studio, 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Saturday, 4th December

David Bircham: Alien Ink - comics masterclass and rising UK comics talent… Free, Noon to 5pm, London Print Studio

Sunday, 12th December

Film: Grant Morrison – Talking With Gods. The UK premiere of this documentary. With me in it for 30 seconds. £10, ICA, 4pm

And there are two ongoing exhibitions, That’s Novel: Lifting Comics From The Page! at London Print Studio until December 17th and the Graphic Short Story Prize 2010 at Orbital Comics until November 30, 2010…

Monday Runaround – Don’t Mess With Kyle Baker

I’m back. Did you miss me? No?

LoserWatch: Andy Diggle goes off The Losers a bit.

The dust still hasn?t settled on exactly how I feel about that, some stuff I love about it, and there?s some stuff that?s cringeworthy? They got a fantastic cast for The Losers, they really cast for the part? I?m still very conflicted. There?s stuff I love and there?s stuff I hate.

ScotWatch: Denise Mina on comics;

I started reading comics when I was about 22. I think that’s true for lots of women readers. The first thing I really read was Maus, which you’re not allowed to mention to comic book guys, because you’ve got to talk about Spider-Man. I never drew a distinction between reading books and graphic novels. It’s funny because graphic novels are such a big thing now in Britain, and lots of clever people I know say that they don’t know how to read them. They don’t know where their eyes should be. They genuinely don’t know how to approach them. It’s like someone who’s never read a novel saying, "Do you have to read the whole thing? Do you have to look at all 350 pages?" Well, yes, you do.

FractionWatch: Matt Fraction will be attending the Singapore Comic Convention being organised by Reed.

ButtWatch: Sheena McNeil on Milo Manara’s X-Butts.

Total number of butt-shots (three-fourths of the butt or more) from cover to cover is 87, give or take a few (it’s hard to keep track of that many). That takes talent and drive, and a real love of the cheekier part of the anatomy! Many of those butt-shots are either naked or have the uber-thong, but again, it’s hard to tell the difference or even know for sure since we don’t see the front bits. These ladies have a lot of mutant skills to flaunt, but what’s their real superpower? The ability to maintain a permanent uber-wedgie without flinching, complaining, picking or even noticing. And just wait till we get to the crotch-shot bonanza!

MusicalWatch: The National Post attacks the Spider-Man musical;

Plagued by financial woes and painful rehearsal mishaps, the production is finally set to open on Jan. 11, to the estimated tune of US$60-million. Which means I have less than two months to curb my cynicism about the project and regain my judge-less stance. The problem is, Everything Sounds Dumb doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as Everything Looks Dumb. If it looks dumb, then sadly, it probably is.

TweetWatch: Kyle Baker – "Just vanquished an opponent so unequivocally and devastatingly that they have to undergo court-ordered psych evaluation. Never fuck with me."

ForeignWomenWatch: Carla Bruni gets Bluewatered.

MathWatch: A Maths Odyssey, a new comic book maths book is published tomorrow.

The comic-style book, A Maths Odyssey, is intended to persuade a new generation that maths is not limited to memorising multiplication tables.

The book, published tomorrow, is about people who enter the imaginary worlds of numbers – and occasionally get lost in them.

For its authors, Matthew Connell, principal curator of physical sciences and IT, and Helen Whitty, manager of the museum’s family and community experiences program, it is an adventure tale that runs from before the birth of Christ through to the modern computer.

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

It’s That Time Again

Comic-Con registration will open on Monday, November 22, 2010 at 6:00am Pacific Time. Thank you very much for your patience.

Leaf through 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking

A 100 page preview.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight the Predator and more in Russian children’s books

I?m sure that there?s quite a few copyright laws being broken here, but sometimes to make great illustrated kids books, you?ve got to break a few copyright laws. Because once you get beyond that, you end up with this bizarre series of Russian Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle books in which they fight against wizards and Predators and watch Batman angle his way in on their girl April.

McCloud Doing Better

I’m happy to hear that cartoonist (practitioner and theorist) Scott McCloud is doing better after what sounds like a scary hospitalization. He and his family were in New Orleans attending a 50th birthday party for Neil Gaiman. (I would’ve been there but for a deposition I had to give in a legal matter.) At the party, Scott was stricken and taken away in an ambulance…which had to have been a horrifying experience for him and his family.

Speculator Corner: Legends Of The Dark Knight 11-15

No sooner has the rumour that the new Batman movie Dark Knight Rising will be based on Prey, the Doeg Moench/Paul Gulacy five parter story from Legends Of The Dark Knight #11-#15, than eBay sits up and takes notice.

Previously a very cheap comic, with issues rarely selling for more than 99 cents, a collection of all five issues just sold for $28, with the trade paperback, now out of print, fetching $29.99, twice its cover price.

Right now the market is mostly made up of people not realising these issues are in demand, and selling them at Buy In Now prices that are less than cover price. But they are getting rapidly scooped up and flipped by eBay sellers aware of the book’s new status.

Many retailers will be in a similar situation – it will be a race today to get to those back issue boxes and pull the issues in question, to be repriced for the back wall, before some customers buys them for a knock down price – and they tries to sell them back to the shop.

Prey was written as a follow up to Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli’s Batman Year One and, wierdly, would have made a more suitable sequel to Batman Begins than Dark Knight was.

It stars Dr Hugo Strange, already rumoured to be being played by Tom Hardy, and how this psychiatrist turns a villain-hating policeman into an urban vigilante, the Night Scourge, with the aim of bringing Batman out into the open.

It’s also got Catwoman in it, but it’s unlikely if that character will make it to the movie.

Currently Amazon is listing copies in the US for around $60, with the UK with one copy at a more generous £10. Lets see how long that one lasts after I post this.

Sunday Morning Runaround – Anyone Seen My Stolen Action Comics #1?

Okay, I’m taking the day off. Here’s your automatic comic book feed…

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Comic Riffs – DON’T TOUCH MY JUNK: The week’s favorite TSA airport cartoons

As disgruntled fliers gear up for Wednesday’s National Opt-Out Day, some cartoonists are finding inspiration in trying to tap that transparent anger over the TSA scanning our T&A and pat-downs that offer more intimacy than many a first date.

Author of historical thrillers unveils his secret identity

David Liss may be the author of such notable historical thrillers as ?The Devil?s Company? and ?A Spectacle of Corruption,? but few know his secret identity as an unabashed comic book geek. That should change with Marvel Comics? ?Black Panther: The Man Without Fear? No. 513, a major leap for Liss from the world of prose to the world of comic panels.

The "real" victims of online piracy by Colleen Doran – The Hill’s Congress Blog

Readers assume they are only nickel and diming rich corporations with their bit torrent naughtiness, but I am a middle class artist and farmer for whom a few thousand dollars a year in lost income means I can?t afford health insurance.

Who Profits From Online Piracy? | A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran

Online pundits enthusiastically cheer isolated incidents of sales blips after pirated works manage to move stock which, by any objective standard, would be considered low.

Historicist: Toronto’s Golden Age of Comic Books – Torontoist

But on December 6, 1940, in a large-scale intervention in the economy, the federal government passed the War Exchange Conservation Act with the aim of retaining Canada’s foreign exchange credits for the war effort. The Act prohibited the importation of American comic books and periodicals, among other non-essential goods. With a sudden foothold in the market, four Canadian companies raced to fill the vacuum.

Review: Cowboys & Aliens | Trade Reading Order

The story here is pretty much what you?d expect. There are cowboys. There are aliens. There are also cowgirls and Native Americans, but that kind of goes without saying.

Twitter / Bryan Talbot

Bryan’s just announced that the third Grandville will be called Grandville: Bete Noire: you heard it here first!

Have you seen this comic?

Action Comics No. 1 dated June, 1938 original comic book featuring the first appearance of ‘Superman’ LAPD DR# 00-0805258 (Case 1-4/00)

If you have information on this case, please contact: LAPD Art Theft Detail 213 485-2524

Joe Simon?s Fawcett Testimony

Then Simon was asked about his involvement with Fawcett Publications. Joe describe being contacted by Al Allard, Fawcett?s art editor. Simon was asked if he was willing to take on an assignment to put together a magazine of Captain Marvel. This work would end up being Captain Marvel Special Edition, the first time the big red cheese had appeared in his own comic book have previously appeared in Whiz Comics. Allard stated that Captain Marvel was a ?take-off of Superman?.

Judge orders cops to stop harassing superheroes

You’d think Wolverine, Batman, Superman, Catwoman and Iron Man would collectively hold enough superpower to keep the cops at bay.

The Great Cowboys & Aliens Scam Has Unexpected Result

Decades ago Scott Rosenberg was faking interest in his comic book Cowboys & Aliens, trying to get it made as a film – despite the comic book not actually existing. All he had was a cool cover and a cool name. He made a splash on the cover of Variety and spent the next years trying to get the movie made, through a variety of studios. Eventually, with his Platinum Studios publisher, he got a bunch of people to actually write and draw the comic as a graphic novel (inlcuding Fred Van Lente) and then published it, in the hope of making it happen for real this time.

And as part of that venture he tried to game the system. Giving cheques to the bigger comic book shops of the day, if they would order thousands of the graphic novel in question. The cheques would cover the amount it would cost to order them, plus a bit extra on top. These comic shops complied, sold the already-below-cost 115 page $3.99 graphic novel for 50c, or free with any comic, or just free if you walk in, to help shift the thousands they had, and it worked. They reported the sales, Entertainment Weekly called Cowboys & Aliens the number one graphic novel of the week, and they made a splash.

However my investigation of this at the time deprived them of one thing they really wanted, Diamond Comics Distributors calling them the number one best selling graphic novel of the month.

They’d persuaded Top Cow to list the title under the Image section (by way of another cheque) – as a brokered publisher, Image could declare that Cowboys & Aliens was a graphic novel for the sake of the charts, even though at $3.99 it fell under the price point of $9.99 that Diamond usually demanded to be counted as a graphic novel.

If they had tried this refunded-costs promotion through Diamond, paying for certain stores to receive Cowboys & Aliens for free, those numbers would not have been counted in the charts. But by just giving a cheque to the stores, they would be, and would count as full price sales. When Diamond people read my Lying In The Gutters column at the time, they decided not to count the excess orders paid for by Platinum, and instead declared that it was the twelfth best seller.

But it was enough to make the difference. Platinum sold Cowboys & Aliens as a movie starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, directed by Jon Favreau. They did it. Job done.

And in an ironic twist – those tens of thousands of extra four dollar Cowboys & Aliens that were printed and ordered by these shops – the ones that they had to give away for free they had so many…

Well, actually now selling for up to $36 on eBay. Ten times the cover price. You know, I once saw a street refuse container full of them.

Verity Fair #2 Kicks Off Thought Bubble Comic Con

In Leeds right now, they are entering a one day comic con, Thought Bubble, hitting well above its weight with a guest list including John Romita Jr, Becky Cloonan, Tony Harris, Kieron Gillen, Bryan Talbot, Dan Abnett, Doug Braithwaite, Dider Crisse, Ian Churchill, Paul Cornell, Paul Duffield, Adi Granov, Antony Johnston, Barry Kitcon, Jamie McKelvie, Sean Phillips, Steve Wacker, Richard Starkings, Duncan Fegredo and so many more. Here’s the queue outside Saville Hall. Wish I was there.

The show is debuting the second issue of one of my favourite comics, Verity Fair from Terry Wiley. I got a copy in the post yesterday. It’s mad, human, funny, layered and suggesting the kind of mad, bad, backstory that creator Terry Wiley excels at, and the teensiest of ties in with his previous Surreal School Stories-related work.

So if you;re going, hell if you;re in that queue, do make sure you pick it up. And issue one while you’re at it.

There may be all sorts of bits of news that come out from the show. But one of the biggest is that next year, Thought Bubble will be a two day show. Hell, at this rate it’ll get bought by Wizard.

Warren Ellis also has a quick word for you… "have a drink for me at Thought Bubble tonight, UK comics mob. In fact, have twenty.? You have your instructions.

Photo by Ned Augbaya

Saturday Runaround – From Nurse To Astrophyicist

EditorWatch: Just because you work on Flash doesn’t mean you have to rush through the proof pages of issue 6…

PressWatch1: The Daily Herald covers Superman’s arrival in Mount Prospect, and the fan letter that brought him here.

The visit was the brainchild of 73-year-old Annette Kowalczyk, a lifelong fan who wrote to DC Comics when the project was announced and suggested that Superman follow in the footsteps of the village’s other recent super man, ?American Idol? champion Lee DeWyze.

?I sent a whole story in about wanting him to come to Mount Prospect,? Kowalczyk said.

Kowalczyk hasn’t yet seen the issue, but she said that DC representatives promised her a ?walk-through? for Superman in Mount Prospect after her invitation was accepted.

PressWatch2: The LA Times talks about Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance, comics, Grant Morrison and the Daily Mail.

The weapons, characters, logos, back story, vehicles ? all of it sprang from the mind of Way, who attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and interned at DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint before he took a detour into rock stardom. It was during his time at the Vertigo that Way met Grant Morrison, now one of the most celebrated comic-book writers in the world and the man who recently killed off (temporarily) Batman‘s alter ego, Bruce Wayne.

On this morning, Morrison has a different target ? he’s playing Korse (whom he describes as "a human bloodhound, a hunter who dresses like an undead, post-apocalyptic Doc Holliday") and is eager for the moment when the script calls for him to put a gun beneath Way’s chin and pull the trigger.

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Natalie Portman says ?Thor? role hammers away at ?cute? stereotypes | Hero Complex ? Los Angeles Times

She?s a very serious scientist. Because in the comic she?s a nurse and now they made her an astrophysicist. Really, I know it sounds silly, but it is those little things that makes girls think it?s possible. Itdoesn?t give them a [role] model of ?Oh, I just have to dress cute in movies.??

Seneca vs. Witzke vs. Steranko vs. Everything | supervillain.

The thing about Mark Millar comics is that he isn?t trying, he?s come up with the equation for bare-minimum comics that sell. Which to me makes him like the Don Heck of the modern era. (And if we?re gonna talk Sex Pistols-style comics, we need to talk about Kyle Baker.) But Steranko was trying with every panel, and that?s what makes this stuff so good to read despite the lack of preoccupation with story.

Yfrog Photo : – Shared by CBCebulski

An era of on illustrious imbibing comes to its end… the Marvel table at Mulligan’s has been officially retired.

I Have Met the Supervillain, and He is Me

Did you know that there?s a company that makes audiobook versions of graphic novels and other kinds of sci-fi, fantasy, and western fiction? And not just audiobooks like some guy reading to you, but like fully-produced radio plays? Well, I know that this is so, because I?m totally in one. It?s DC Comics? Final Crisis miniseries, and I play cosmic bad guy Libra.

Watchmen Page One Sells For $33,460

From an anonymous internet bidder, the first page of Watchmen has sold for $33,640.

And you know what? I think it’s a good investment.

It arguably formalised a new language to comics, and showed people what could be done with the comics medium (even if most people just decided to make grim’n'gritty superheroes instead). Oh and it has the first appearance of Rorschach (spoilers!).

It’s a hell of a lot of money for non-splash comic book page.

But I reckon it will keep going up in value. We haven’t heard the last of this one.