Jo Chen’s Covers For #1 Of Angel & Faith and Buffy Season Nine

There you go folks. Jo Chen’s covers to the first issues of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Nine and Angel & Faith, announced yesterday at Wondercon. And more proof if proof were needed that, wherever you are in London, you can always see Big Ben Clock Tower.

Dan Didio is the New Nightwing and Other DC Nation Revelations by Peter S. Svensson

Peter S. Svensson is at Wondercon, writing for Bleeding Cool.

At the DC Nation panel at Wondercon 2010, DC announced a series of one-shots to come out this summer featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern with classic creators from the 70s, 80s and 90s. On the panel were Len Wein, JT Krul, Bob Wayne, Francis Manapul, Eddie Berganza, John Cunningham, Eric Wallace, Frank Quitely, Dan Didio and Adam Philips. Jay Dillio was not able to make it. The panel began with John Cunningham, DC?s head of publicity finding everyone in the audience wearing a Green Lantern shirt, and giving them each a White Lantern ring. Dan Didio then started the panel off with the explanation that having done C2E2 and Megacon in the past two weeks and then having to do Wondercon had killed his voice. Dan then polled the audience as to their opinion of Brightest Day, and each of the characters being focused on. He?d pick a fan and ask them why they liked it.

Aquaman Fan: ?I like that it matters, that the characters have good interaction. There?s tension.? Hawkman Fan: ?It?s just awesome. It?s making the character feel real again.? Martian Manhunter Fan: ?I like that he?s actually wearing pants now.?

Dan admitted that because he?d forgotten which was the latest issue of Brightest Day to come out in stores, the original plan for the panel would have spoiled a major twist of the series. Bob Wayne poked fun at Dan for admitting it, while fans begged for the spoilers anyways. But Didio would not yield. He took the panel back towards asking fans about Brightest Day characters, jokingly asking a fan about Deadman’s current status.

Didio: ?Is he alive or dead?? Deadman Fan: ?Yes.? Didio: ?I like that answer! I?ll use it if I get asked that again!? Firestorm Fan: ?I like that Ronnie and Jason are finally together.?

That lead towards a discussion of how DC does factor fan input into their decision making. According to Didio, DC saw that they had fans of Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch and wanted to find a way to please them both. ?We do listen to fans. We want to hear from you.? For barely being able to speak, Didio was still incredibly energetic. This is where he delivered the traditional joke at DC Nation panels about how the content of them is only meant for those in the rooms, and shouldn?t be put online.

*cough cough*

The next topic was War of the Green Lanterns, and just what that meant. Didio told a story of a fan asking him about what ?War of the Green Lanterns? was about, and all Didio could answer was ?The Green Lanterns go to war?? He then asked fans about what they liked in the current Green Lantern titles.

GL Fan A: It?s not just about Hal being the main character. GL Fan B: That the story has been building over years. GL Fan C: Despite War of the Green Lanterns being a marketing ploy to get us to read all three series? Bob Wayne: Not that there?s anything wrong with that. GL Fan C: ? and that Green Lantern Corps could use better art, I like that it?s using the existing GL characters. GL Fan D: I loved the Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan fight! Didio: The next issue has a scene with them that?s amazing.

The question of Classic Wonder Woman costume versus New Wonder Woman costume was put to the fans, and it was pretty even. ?We had a big debate [at DC Comics], people saying pants or no pants. Every artist says they want to draw Wonder Woman without pants!?

The topic then shifted to Generation Lost. Fans mentioned how they liked the return of Maxwell Lord, the new Rocket Red, Captain Atom. Didio explained that the original plans for Generation Lost have changed to the point where the book is now completely different, but he?s glad fans like it.

Didio: My voice is fading fast. Wayne: Thankfully.

Didio then polled the audience to see who had been reading comics the longest, resulting in two fans who had been reading comics for 52 years. As a reward for the long time readers, and fans of the old-school DC comics, he announced DC RETROACTIVE. With three different logos featuring DC iconography from the 70s, 80s and 90s. DC RETROACTIVE would feature classic tales of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Justice League all done in the styles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s with writers associated with the characters during that era.

Superman in the 1970s will be done by Marty Pasko, whose Bronze Age Superman run was lengthy and beloved. Superman in the 1980s will be done by Marv Wolfman, who had two runs on the character both Pre- and Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths. Superman in the 1990s will be written by Louise Simonson, who wrote the book during the ?Triangle? era of the 90s including the Death of Superman.

Batman in the 1970s will be written by Len Wein, in the 80s by Mike W. Barr (who is probably best known for his run on Batman and the Outsiders) and in the 90s by Alan Grant. Alan Grant’s trippy Batman work also introduced the fan-favorite character of Anarky.

Wonder Woman in the 1970s will be written by Denny O?Neil, presumably revisiting his powerless ?Diana Prince? storyline. Roy Thomas will be handling the 80s, revisiting his run prior to COIE with Gene Colan. William Messner-Loebs, who wrote the Artemis as replacement Wonder Woman arc will be doing the 90s one-shot.

Cary Bates, who had an extended run on Flash in the 1970s to mid 80s will be doing the 70s installment with Barry Allen. William Messner-Loebs will be doing the early Wally West from when the book was mainly a slice of life book featuring a guy who happened to run fast. (Don?t let that description shy you away, it was great stuff!) Brian Augustyn, former editor who co-wrote the last few years of Mark Waid?s original run on the Flash will be doing the 90s. Which will almost certainly deal with the "Speed Force" era of many speedster supporting cast members.

Green Lantern gets another shot of relevance with Denny O?Neil doing a 70s issue, presumably with Green Arrow for another installment of Hard Traveling Heroes. Len Wein will be doing the 80s issue, revisiting his run on the title with Dave Gibbons. (We should hopefully be seeing a DC reprint of said Wein/Gibbons GL run in the near future.) Ron Marz will bring us back to the era of Kyle Rayner, the last Green Lantern in his one-shot.

Meanwhile, Cary Bates will be doing the 1970s JLA (he co-wrote perhaps the strangest JLA/JSA team-up ever), while Gerry Conway, who still holds the record for longest run as JLA writer will either give us a tale of the League in its prime in the Satellite or the infamous Justice League Detroit. The 90s will be done by Giffen and DeMatteis. BWAHAHAHAHA!

The DC Retroactive Event will not take modern continuity into consideration. These will be presented as if lost issues from the decades they are set in. (Unlike say Mark Waid?s ?The Silver Age? event which used modern continuity in a silver age style.)

The floor was then opened to fan questions.

Fan : Where?s Mia? I miss her. I cry. My RP community misses her. JT Krul: I love Mia, but I?m focusing on Green Arrow right now. I?d love to use her at some point, but [Green Arrow] got lost in his own book for a bit. Once he comes out, he?s got an extensive family. Fan: She needs the stability so bad! Eddie Berganza then dropped a hint that there was some crazy stuff in the Star City forest, and that the end of Brightest Day would introduce some cool elements to Green Arrow.

The next fan asked if Action Comics would continue to feature Lex Luthor, only to be told by Eddie Berganza that Action Comics 900 is the culmination of the current story, and that he would either be very happy, or not. Wayne: Yes, that was his answer. I?m sorry.

The next question was from the girlfriend of the fan who Dan danced with at Chicago and invited to join the panel. Dan of course rushed to dance with her as well, and after returning to the podium realized that she did in fact have an actual question. (Well, one from her boyfriend who couldn?t make it.) Q: How is the Rock of Eternity doing? Didio: It?s fine. It?s kinda chilly this time of year. We?re enjoying the weather in San Francisco because of it. (It is really warm in Northern California this week.)

A fan dressed as Batman with a Starro on his face asked the panel about Starro?s whereabouts. Wayne: Have you looked in the mirror lately?

The fan?s next question then turned into a discussion of the $2.99 price that DC has gone back to, and a promise from Didio that DC will hold that price point as long as they can. Also, that along with the recent change in prices came the return of letters columns. Didio had been hesitant to bring them back, as he thought that online discussions would make them irrelevant. Yet there?s been plenty of thoughtful letters from motivated fans coming in and being published. Bob Wayne mentioned his first letter writing experiences were for Marvel Team-Up and Vampirella. And now he works at DC. Go figure.

The next fan asked about the current direction of Titans as featuring Deathstroke and his Amazing Friends, and wondered when the actual Titans would return to their own book. Eric Wallace answered with ?Deathstroke has a few things to take care of first. You might? maybe? see a familiar old classic Titan face.?

The next fan was happy about the current Flash title . ?I?m really enjoying the Flash. Francis, thank you. With all of the real heavy action in the rest of the DC titles, the Flash is a breath of fresh air. I hope I didn?t kill it by calling it fun. ? said the fan. ?I did cancel it.? replied Didio, who confirmed that the solicited issue 13 was a ploy to try and hide the plot twists of Flashpoint, and that issue 12 will be the last issue.

The conversation then shifted to how it used to be that parents would throw away their children?s comic collections, and now they?ve grown up and want to give comics to their children instead. An interesting discussion about the idea that making ?Kid Friendly? comics discourages children from feeling as if the comics are theirs rather than something given to them by their parents ensued. There was some interesting ideas there, about that comics are subversive and that while DC is rating their books and wants to ensure that appropriate material is given to kids, that ideally the kids should find the comics and become fans on their own rather than being given to them by parents. This then turned into a question of where and when the panelists found their first comics.

Len Wein: Spinner Rack! Francis Manapul: I was about 12-13? Frank Quitely: I was 6 or 7 when I found my first American comics. Before that, Mom and Dad would buy me British kids comics. Eric Wallace: I was 7, and was given it from my grandfather. JT Krul: Liquor store when I was 10. Eddie: Drug store in Guatemala. Bob: Spinner Rack. Superman 123. Adam Philip: Spider-man 125. When I was 12.

The next fan mentioned that a lot of books were recently canceled, and while it was presumably for financial reasons, they worried that the titles they enjoyed (Thunder Agents, Zatanna, Xombi) wouldn?t last long. Didio responded that you should enjoy your comics, and not worry so much about whether they will survive in the long term. Because DC doesn?t create books that they don?t believe stand a chance of making it. Also, that they cut back on some ongoings to clear room in people?s budgets for Flashpoint.

Paul Levitz?s return to Legion got a great deal of love from the next fan, who also loved Booster Gold, and Wonder Woman. While he wasn?t biggest fans of the current story, ?I?m sticking with it, I?m looking forward to the return of the original.? Didio: It will resolve, a new storyline will begin.

In response to a fan?s hope for the Batwoman ongoing, Didio then explained that the delays on the title were to ensure that it came on time, monthly. That the loyalty to fans they receive shouldn?t be taken for granted.

There are no current plans to do more Knight and Squire miniseries, but the characters will be appearing in Batman Inc.

Artists for Retroactive will be announced when there is actual art that can be shown for promotional purposes. And for the sake of having more things to announce at later conventions.

A question about the relative ages of the Teen Titans, with Beast Boy being a bit older than the rest of the team came up. ?Beast Boy, he?s filling the role that used to be Donna Troy?s. He?s the den-Beast-mother. He?s the sounding board for the team.? The current arc starting with issue 93 introducing the new character of Solstice will be a big adventure, and Beast Boy will play a large part in the story.

A fan brought up an analogy Didio made at a con a few years ago, where Superman is a firefighter. He swoops in, solves the problem and leaves. Batman is a cop, he works to hunt down the villains. Wonder Woman is the social conscience, you talk to her. And always tell her the truth, even without her lasso. The fan questioned if the current stories JMS wrote for Superman and Wonder Woman, which take them away from those roles are meant to be a new status quo. Didio responded that they?re far from the new status quo, but that the current stories are journeys of discovery and awareness, that Superman is rediscovering what it is to be part of humanity after an extended time in space. That Wonder Woman is examining who she is, when she doesn?t have all the pieces to her puzzle. Once those stories are complete, those two characters will be position in a way that fans will be surprised about.

Didio explained that when he first started working in comics, and had to explain to people what DC was, he used Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as the examples and people understood. ?Our company, we are judged by those characters. We have to do them right. They have to be the best they can be. They?re important not just to DC Comics but to our culture!? said Didio.

With Nick Spencer now exclusive to Marvel, he will complete his arc on Thunder Agents, and then DC editorial is still thinking about what to do with the book after that.

A fan asked about the status of Grant Morrison?s Multiversity project. Didio pointed out that only one person on the panel was involved with it.

Fan: The guy with the accent? Quitely: I?m the only guy here WITHOUT an accent!

Quitely then went on to explain that he knows almost nothing about it, that Grant said it would take him forever to draw, and that he can?t cheat with space or snow backgrounds in this case, things easier to draw. Didio gave a rough estimate that we will probably see Multiversity next year.

Because of the upcoming movie, Bane will be a major focus in the Bat titles in 2012, and that he?ll probably return to a more antagonistic personality then as opposed to the sort of anti-villain we?re currently seeing in Secret Six.

Fan: Is Wally West going to make a comeback? Didio: Who was Wally West again? Audience: *GROAN* Didio: Hey, it?s been 35 minutes into this and I haven?t even made a Cassandra Cain or Nightwing joke!

He then went on to explain that the current idea is not to dilute the property, to keep it accessible to new readers by streamlining the book and focusing solely on Barry for the time being. That being said, the 90s retroactive one-shot will focus on Wally. (Presumably the 80s will as well.)

The next fan compared the Anti-Monitor?s career as a villain to that of M. Night Shaymalan. One big thing, and everything goes downhill from there. The fan then listed off the lackluster use of the villain in recent years. Dan Didio punted the question to Len Wein, who as editor of Crisis on Infinite Earths helped originate the character. ?I always envisioned the Anti-Monitor as much larger. Attacking him is like giving Galactus a hot foot? the size of the Anti-Monitor is proportionate to his power. And he?s been getting short shrift.? said Wein.

Fan: Was it weird being drawn into Adventure Comics 5 and being beaten up by Superboy Prime? Didio: It seemed almost appropriate.

When asked about the possible return of JMS to Brave and the Bold, the decision was made to keep the title on hiatus while the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon is airing to avoid confusion. Likewise, JMS is busy with his Film and TV projects, and with the next volume of Superman Earth-One (which is now 1/3rd done) but has plenty of other DC comics projects in mind, it?s just a matter of the timing working out.

Fan: When is Nightwing going to return? Didio: Which one? Fan: Dick Grayson?

Dan then opened up his shirt to reveal that he was wearing a Nightwing T-Shirt underneath. It just wouldn?t be a DC Nation panel without Dan removing his shirt. Dan Didio IS the New Nightwing, joked Bob Wayne.

Didio: ?It?s safer to be Nightwing! No one wants to kill him!?

A fan asked about the potential return of Wednesday Comics. Didio replied that they?d love to return to it at some point.

Fan: Batman Europa. Where did it go? Wayne: It wasn?t ready yet, we?ll reschedule it at a later date.

The new DC Nation bloc of shows on Cartoon Network was then discussed, as it would be an one-hour segment featuring DC heroes, including lesser known ones, and short behind the scenes clips. Bob Wayne: Does this mean that you?ll be on the show? Will you be live action or animated? Dan Didio: I?m always animated.

A fan mentioned that a recent issue of the Yale Alumni newsletter listed Bruce Wayne as an alumni, due to a panel in a comic that once displayed Bruce Wayne?s diploma as having been from Yale?s Gotham campus. The more you learn.

The topic of the new Young Justice cartoon arose. Eddie Berganza, who edited the original Young Justice comic had this to say: ?I?d like to see Secret, and Empress. I wish Superman were a nicer guy on it, not a deadbeat dad.?

A fan liked that Osiris came back to life in Brightest Day, as they felt he died in a rather disappointing fashion. Which Didio quipped was ?The Anti-Monitor treatment.?

Fan: Is Black Adam coming back? Eric Wallace: Keep reading the next few issues of Titans. You might get some clues.

Fan: Are there plans for Swamp Thing? Didio: Len? Len Wein: I think he?s swell!

Didio went on that with Wein active at DC, championing his creation, there will be Swamp Thing in the future but no immediate plans. (The possibility of Wein returning to do a miniseries with the character he created is quite interesting. Total speculation though.)

A fan asked about the status of Batman Earth-One, and whether with the promo art for the Lois Lane, Girl Reporter that got featured here on Bleeding Cool as well as the recent Jimmy Olsen one-shot whether there would be more books featuring the Superman supporting cast. Berganza answered that Batman Earth-One is still in the works, that Gary Frank is doing wonderful work on it, and that they?ve found a way to retell Batman?s origin and not be overshadowed by ?The Dark Knight.? Likewise, that Lois fans should check out the Flashpoint miniseries, ?Lois Lane and the Resistance.?


Peter S. Svensson ( is not only a comics journalist, he’s also a comics retailer. Check out SpaceCat ( in San Jose for perhaps the most eclectic comic, videogame and multimedia store you’ll find in Northern California.

That Was The Royal Wedding Signing That Was

Rule Britannia! Britannia waives the rules! Artist Gary Erskine, Letterer/Designer Ian Sharman, Colourist Owen Jelland and myself spent this afternoon meeting the world’s press and signing copies of our royal wedding comics for adoring fans.

And, yes, I looked an absolute tit wearing this thing, but I was Forbidden Planet’s meat puppet and happy to wear what was asked and perform in any manner requested for these people.

That’s Bleeding Cool’s Bredon Connelly at the back there, taking his own photo of the press pack.

Certainly Forbidden Planet have never seen a signing like this before. The bunting over the sci-fi and fantasy novels was testament to that, and as for the plate of Kit Kats…

Well I clearly had a good time didn’t I? At least Gary and I afforded the royal couple the respect they deserved.

For a little while at least.

Kate And William, A Very Public Love Story is available now.

See The Hi-Def Green Lantern Footage From Wondercon

I’m at a BAFTA event with Dante Ferretti, but I want to get this up for you now. I’ll update the post later, but here’s a link to be starting with. Why should your Lantern fun wait for my production design discussion fun to be over?

You can already see the Green Lantern Wondercon footage in HD at Apple.

Now don’t say I don’t ever do anything for you. And please put an embed in the forum if you find one.

Jeremy Renner Touted For Lead In The Bourne Legacy

If being heir to the Mission: Impossible franchise isn’t enough for Jeremy Renner, he might also like to pick up the reigns of the Bourne series. Tony Gilroy is currently putting together the team for The Bourne Legacy, the first post-Matt Damon film in the continuity, and according to Latino Review, an offer is being sent to Renner’s agent, that the actor might take the lead role.

Just to clarify – this would not be Jason Bourne, but another agent, in an associated plot line that Gilroy has set in the same world. The idea, Gilroy has explained, is to tell a Bourne-adjacent story that leaves the door open for another Damon-starring picture in the future, one that could draw the strands together. At least in theory…

But Damon himself has expressed dismay at the plan, while also saying that he’d gladly come back and do more Bourne himself if director Paul Greengrass was on board too.

Latino Review’s article also teases that, actually, Gilroy’s first choice was Oscar Isaac of Sucker Punch and Agora. They don’t go into detail as to why he didn’t get the offer from the studio, however, but there’s some implication of his perceived lack of international appeal. Seems like veiled racism, to me – and maybe with not much a veil. I await their promised full report on what went down.

Now, here’s something I was going to lead with, but I’ve put it below to protect the more SPOILER weary readers. You have been warned.

Now. Our first chance to see Renner as a government-associated action man will be in Thor, where he’s appearing as Hawkeye. In the words of Miranda’s mother: what fun.

Saturday Runaround – Signing By Willpower Alone

ReynoldsAndLivelyWatch: Signing at Wondercon…

What will be the first item to hit eBay?

SilverAgeWatch: College Humor brings us Batman Vs The Internet…

CrumbWatch: R. Crumb: Lines Drawn on Paper is on display until the end of the month at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators.

"It was never intended for that purpose, so it’s always odd to see it on a wall, or under glass; it was intended for printing and books. It wasn’t made as a wall hanging piece. For me, the printed copy is the magic moment. When I see it in print ? that was the whole purpose of it."

WhedonWatch: Five issue series of Dollhouse to begin in July from Dark Horse Comics.

CompetitionWatch: Win this original Mark Texeria artwork to the cover of Red Spike #1.

Just buy the comic on release on May the 4th (Star Wars Day) from Image for the cover price of $1, take a photo of you with it and send it to the Facebook page.

DadComicWatch: DC to publish Retro Active comic line of one shots,

"RETRO-ACTIVE reunites classic writers and artists with classic characters Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Justice League of America, returning to the interpretations they are best known for. Each of these series will have 3 one-shots that pay homage respectively to the ?70s, ?80s, and ?90s.

Superman’s one-shots will be written by: Martin Pasko (?70s), Marv Wolfman (?80s), and Louise Simonson (?90s).

Wonder Woman’s will be by: Dennis O?Neil (?70s), Roy Thomas (?80s), and William Messner-Loebs (?90s).

The Flash will be written by Cary Bates (?70s), William Messner-Loebs (?80s) and Brian Augustyn (?90s).

Justice League of America will be written by Cary Bates (?70s), Gerry Conway (?80s), and Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis (?90s).

Taking on Green Lantern will be Dennis O?Neil (?70s), Len Wein (?80s), and Ron Marz (?90s).

And writing the Batman titles will be Len Wein (?70s), Mike W. Barr (?80s), and Alan Grant (?90s).

Each one-shot will have 26 pages of all-new story, plus 20 pages of classic stories, and run $4.99 a pop.

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Second Best April Fool Of The Day

Rob Granito, internationally known artist and illustrator, will write and draw his own biography comic for Bluewater Productions.

In Brightest Day: Green Lantern Impresses At WonderCon Panel – Comic Vine

The panel started off with a good six or seven-minute chunk of new footage, showcasing the hard work that hundreds of CGI artists are no doubt slaving away on even as we speak. It was much more impressive than the first trailer for the film, so let’s break it down for you:

Dwayne Johnson Says ?Captain Marvel? Movie Is ?In Development Hell,? Denies ?Superman? Rumors

At this point, it seems like it will take the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, and all of the other abilities that power Captain Marvel to make a movie about the "Shazam!"-shouting superhero actually happen.

WonderCon: Two New Thor Posters! –

Two new posters for Thor debuted today and were given out at WonderCon in San Francisco. You can check them out below.

YouTube – X-Men Anime 2011 Op

New X-Men anime 2011 opening


YouTube – X-Men Anime 2011 Ed

New X-Men anime 2011 ending


Trent Kanuga’s Twilight Monk

Twilight Monk is a webcomic currently updated every Monday with 1-2 pages. The story follows a cursed monk (Mao) as he ventures out from his monastery and home, to find a cure to his affliction. I hope to bring the same sense of wonder and delight that my early comic book effort CreeD had brought to hundreds of thousands of people in this new modern format? only with a hell of a lot more kung fu!

Friday Trending Topics: Rich Johnston’s Audition Reel For The Wonder Woman Pilot

Lots of fooling around the comics internet today, both here and elsewhere, but for my money the funniest thing I’ve seen today is Rich Johnston acting out a scene from the Wonder Woman pilot script. Speaking of, Wonder Woman returned to BC Trending Topics in a big way, which is starting to intrigue me… because despite appalled reaction to both the pilot script and original costume, we all seem to be pretty damn interested in seeing how this turns out.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

DC Sucks Final Drops From League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Barrel

After the V For Vendetta confrontation, the Alan Moore walkout and the absolute farrago of nonsense surrounding the release of Black Dossier, you might have thought DC would have had it up to here with the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Not a bit of it.

FOOL: Arianna Huffington Buys Avatar Press ? Comics Alliance And Bleeding Cool To Merge

The long and short of it is that William Christensen of Avatar Press has agreed to sell the Illinois comics publisher and all of its subsidiaries such as Boundless Comics, Bleeding Cool, Freak Angels, Whitechapel and the like to Adrianna Huffington?s Huffington Post Media Group, now part of AOL. This will have a number of repurcussions.

Things You Just Couldn?t Get Away With These Days #197 (NSFWIYWIARPO) Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Fantagraphics have been putting the entire archives of The Comics Journal online, including issues before it was called The Comics Journal and was The Nostalgia Journal.And here is a cover from issue 31 featuring DC Comics? Big Barda, drawn by the late Dave Cockrum.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Exclusive Wonder Woman Shots ? Injecting A Bad Guy

Here we have Adrianne Palicki filming a scene for Wonder Woman in which she apprehends a criminal before injecting him in the neck with a hypodermic syringe.

FOOL: You Honestly Won?t Believe That This Is Going To Be In The Sucker Punch Director?s Cut

When you see Sucker Punch, you?ll notice that the end credits are accompanied by a cover version of Love is the Drug and some footage of a big song and dance number. We?ve heard that this is from a scene sadly deleted from the theatrical cut, but expected to appear intact on the eventual DVD and Blu-ray release.

Here?s Wonder Woman In One Of Her Other Outfits, And With Her Wonder Woman Doll

And here are the audition videos of Tanit Phoenix and Rich Johnston, each of them acting out that very scene. This is the standard Ms. Palicki has to beat.

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

Walt Simonson And The Mighty Thor To Get IDW Artist’s Edition

Scott Dunbier was the man who created the Absolute format at DC, showcasing comic book work in a very European high quality oversized fashion.

Then at IDW he created the Artist’s Edition, effectively reproducing original art boards bound in a volume, with the Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer: Artist’s Edition.

Well now there is a second Artist Edition. In an unprecedented deal with Marvel Comics, IDW will publish the Walt Simonson’s The Mighty Thor: Artist’s Edition, recreating original art boards for the Marvel series. Reproducing pencils under the ink, blue lines, yellow pages, whiteout, essentially what Walt submitted to his editors, at 12" x 17" size, 176 pages containing issues 337-340 and360-362 for $100, published in July.

And what’s more, there are more Marvel art projects to come, with different artists and different projects.

Damn. So… who and what do you want to see next?