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NYCC Saturday Review Cosplay and More

NYCC Saturday is where the action really gets down. The biggest crowd, the biggest announcements ususally happens on Saturday. Below you will find our Saturday review of NYCC. Are you at NYCC?

NYCC Friday Review – What Happened?

NYCC Friday continues where THursday left off or just want to make sure you get all the news that is happening there? Follow us to get our daily NYCC reports. Below you

Doomsday Clock Sneak Preview

DC Comics Creative Chief Geoff Johns kicked off the countdown to Doomsday Clock at New York Comic Con on Friday. The first of twelve issues will be released Nov. 22 Read the

Thursday’s NYCC Review Report

Can’t make it to NYCC or just want to make sure you get all the news that is happening there? Follow us to get our daily NYCC reports. Below you will find

The Walking Dead Season 8 Teaser Trailer

The world is theirs to take, but they’re going to have to fight for it. Don’t miss the Season 8 Premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c. Now

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY – Jim Ross

Welcome to another WWE edition of the Where FANTASY Meets Reality newsletter. This edition focuses on the new book by Jim Ross which is called Slobberknocker which is basically an autobiography of

Stan Lee Cameo On The GIFTED

Good Day True Believers! Did you catch the Stan Lee cameo that occurred on The GIFTED this past Monday? Well the 94 year old X-Men Co-creator and King of the Cameos did

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY – TV Characters

So you like certain TV Characters on a comic book related TV show. You go start reading that particular comic and find out that the character you like so much was never

Jessica Jones Season 2 Poster

In a way surprisingly, Netflix’s Jessica Jones series was the most popular of the Marvel series on Netflix. It actually was our favorite due to it being more of a detective type

Sister Abigail Is ALIVE!

Last night on RAW, Bray Wyatt confronted Finn Balor and told him “Abigail is alive. She is dying to meet you.” Sister Abigail has been involved in Bray Wyatt’s spiel for many

Catwoman’s Answer To Batman

The Marriage Proposal In Batman #24, Bruce Wayne/Batman tell Selina Kyle/Catwoman to marry him and we’ve been waiting for her answer since that issue. Well wait no more. We find out the

Who Is Voyager? Here Is Our Top Pick!

If you havent read Marvel Legacy #1 dont go any further……… Voyager is a founding member of The Avengers. WHAT????? “I can tell you she’s the most important character in the Marvel

Watch The First 6 Minutes Of The GIFTED

THE GIFTED Fox’s The Gifted premieres October 2, but the network is building up the hype and getting fans ready by releasing the first six minutes of the pilot online. Based on their X-Men

JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Inspired Variant Covers

JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Inspired Variant Covers As the world awaits the big screen debut of “Justice League,” DC is getting in on the action with a special collection of variant covers inspired

Deadpool and Harley Quinn Go On Family Vacation

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY – The Comic Books Edition! So what do you do when Deadpool and Harley Quinn go on a family vacation together? Well artist Marco D’Alfonso has come up

Batman vs Pennywise (Fan Made Trailer) #IT #BATMAN

Batman thought that The Joker was the only clown he had to worry about but what would happen if he met IT’s Pennywise? A fan made this cool trailer that puts Ben

Chris Pratt Finds Out He Is Really Chris Evans LOL

  You have to luv Chris Pratt. He recently took a random superhero quiz and the results were quite interesting. The Guardians of the Galaxy star was told that based on his answers, he

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY! What happened on Batman Day …

So did you enjoy Batman (Harley) Day? Hope you did. Here are some of the stories or happenings that you might have missed….  

Happy Harley Quinn Day (sorry Batman)! Here Are 25 Harley Quinns for 25 Years!

Bruce Timm released a thank you video to fans highlighting 25 Harley Quinns from the past 25 years to celebrate Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary this Batman Day puddin’ Harley was created in 1992

Has Marvel and ABC Already Given Up On THE INHUMANS???

I used to be involved in the entertainment business years ago so at time I do look at things from a different perspective. The way things are presented, the way things are