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Who Is Voyager? Here Is Our Top Pick!

If you havent read Marvel Legacy #1 dont go any further……… Voyager is a founding member of The Avengers. WHAT????? “I can tell you she’s the most important character in the Marvel

Chris Pratt Finds Out He Is Really Chris Evans LOL

  You have to luv Chris Pratt. He recently took a random superhero quiz and the results were quite interesting. The Guardians of the Galaxy star was told that based on his answers, he

It Was Major Character Death Week In The Comics…

#SPOILERS ABOUND!!! So what does the death of a character in the comics mean to you? Sometimes nothing if it’s a character you dont follow, sometimes a lot if the character has

John Cena is the New Voice of THE INCREDIBLE HULK In ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’ Mobile Game!!!