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Holy Biscuits Batman !!!

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Today Only Amazon Deal – Batman: The Complete Television Series Box Set

Deal of the Day: Up to 50% off Batman: The Complete Television Series

The Gold Box spotlight deal of the day over at Amazon today is the Batman: The Complete Television Series box set on Blu-Ray for $135.99 (that’s 50% off the list price of $269.97) and DVD for $99.99 (that’s 50% off the list price of $199.70).

Originally airing on ABC-TV in 1966, Batman starred Adam West the titular caped crusader with Burt Ward as his ever faithful sidekick, Robin the boy wonder. This 13-disc box set contains all 120 original broadcast episodes fully remastered in HD with over 3 Hours of all new bonus features (see list here below).

Visit the BATMAN AMAZON DVD SALE for more details.

Note – this deal is valid only for today, Tuesday, February 17, 2015 until 11:59pm PST while supplies last


Take a Look at the Batman Vs. Robin Exclusive Trailer

Here is a first look at the new animated movie, Batman vs. Robin.

This trailer was released by DC and Warner Bros. It gives us our first look the 23rd DC Universe Original Movie. This one was inspired by the graphic novel Batman: The Court of the Owls.

Batman vs. Robin is set to premiere at WonderCon, held April 3-April 5 in Anaheim.

Batman Vs. Robin is being directed by Jay Oliva starring the voice talents of: Jason O’Mara (Batman), Stuart Allen (Robin/Damian Wayne), Sean Maher (Nightwing) and David McCallum (Alfred), Jeremy Sisto (Talon), “Weird Al” Yankovic (The Dollmaker), Grey Griffin (Samantha), Robin Atkin Downes (Grandmaster) and Peter Onorati (Draco).


Warner Bros Announces Justice League, Wonder Woman, Aquaman Movies & More

  At a presentation to investors on Wednesday morning, Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara unveiled his studio’s blockbuster movie slate for the next few years through to 2020, finally confirming the titles for an ambitious number of movies based on DC Comics superhero properties. The announcement confirms that we will finally see a long-awaited Wonder Woman movie in 2017. Gal Gadot will reprise the role after 2016′s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The announcement also includes the expected Justice League movie — and a sequel — the previously announced Suicide Squad movie, and pictures starring Justice League members AquamanFlashGreen Lantern, and Cyborg. This means DC now has one superhero movie in the works with a female lead, and three with non-white leads. In addition to the DC movies, Tsujihira confirmed Fantastic Beasts movies for 2016, 2018 and 2020, based on a spin-off of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books; and three Lego movies for 2016 through 2018, starting with a Ninjago movie, then the previously announced Lego Batman movie, and finally The Lego Movie 2. According to a tweet from Time Warner, this slate of DC movies does not preclude the possibility of additional Superman and Batman movies going into production in the same period. The slate also does not include the Sandman movie, based on Neil Gaiman‘s DC Vertigo comic, which actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is producing and hopes to star in, or Guillermo Del Toro’s long discussed Justice League Dark projeect. Presumably those pictures are not intended to be tentpole blockbuster releases.  
Slide from Kevin Tsujihara’s presentation

  We know that Jason Momoa will star in 2018′s Aquaman, Dwayne Johnson will co-star as Black Adam in Shazam, and Ray Fisher will star in 2020′s Cyborg. A separate announcement on Wednesday revealed that indie hearthrob Ezra Miller will play the movie version of The Flash, both across the Justice League movies and in his own movie in 2018. That means that the glum movie Flash and the cheerful TV Flash will co-exist in separate on-screen worlds — and on-screen Quicksilvers no longer have a numerical advantage. The biggest surprise in this list is perhaps that DC will take a second swing at Green Lantern, despite the failure of the dreadful 2011 movie. No casting announcement has been made. Ryan Reynolds is surely out of the picture, especially with his Deadpool movie in the works. Dare we hope that Warner Bros plans to bring John Stewart to the big screen? Here’s the full rundown of announced DC movies: 2016: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer 2017: Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder 2018: The Flash (Ezra Miller) Aquaman (Jason Momoa) 2019: Shazam (Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam) Justice League 2, directed by Zack Snyder 2020: Cyborg (Ray Fisher) Green Lantern

Read More: WB Confirms Justice League, Wonder Woman, Aquaman Films | http://comicsalliance.com/warner-bros-announces-justice-league-wonder-woman-aquaman-movies-more/?trackback=tsmclip

The Piano Guys’ Batman Music Medley Will Make Your Jaw Drop [Video]


Batman’s movie and TV adaptations have had varying degrees of success over the years, but one aspect of the DC Comics franchise that has been almost universally good for the past five decades or so has been the music.

As if to prove it, the Piano Guys — a duo consisting of a pianist and a cellist (shouldn’t they be the Piano and Electric Cello Guys?) — have taken three iconic Batman themes, arranged them for their own instruments, and mashed them up in a really creative and compelling way. Not only that, they put it all in an absolutely beautifully shot video.

There’s so much to look at and listen to in this video. Look at those CGI sets! They look just like the Batman ’66 Batcave, a Tim Burton Gotham City alley, the City Hall steps of The Dark Knight Rises, and a picturesque Gotham rooftop. Those batmobiles are super cool. And look, their instruments and costumes change to match the scenes! They got different pianos and cellos to be more Batman-adaptation-appropriated. That is commitment.

And then there’s the music. Neal Hefti’s theme to the 1966 Batman TV show transitions beautifully into Danny Elfman’s 1989 Batman theme, and then things flow into the Hans Zimmer music from the Christopher Nolan movies. It all blends together so well, and the last 30 seconds or so are a wonderful mix of all three.

The only thing I wish the piece had was a nod to Elfman and Shirley Walker’s Batman: The Animated Series themes, which may be my favorite of all. Maybe next time, guys?


Read More: The Piano Guys’ Batman Music Medley Will Make Your Jaw Drop | http://comicsalliance.com/piano-guys-batman-music-video/?trackback=tsmclip

The First “Official” Look At Superman from Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice!

This is about what you expected, I imagine, but the tone of it is interesting nonetheless, and I think it will put well-read comic fans in mind of some of the history behind that “v” in the title even more than ever. Via USA Today comes an official pic of Henry Cavill as Superman from Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice:

The director can’t say exactly how the relationship between the two superheroes evolves, “but suffice it to say there is a ‘v’ in between their names” in the movie title, Snyder says. He explains that having the “v” instead of “vs.” is a way “to keep it from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way.”

Snyder’s only done a few scenes so far with Cavill and Affleck together, but the historical significance isn’t lost on him, he says. “It’s never really been done and it’s kinda cool.”


Source: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/07/03/a-brooding-henry-cavill-gives-us-our-first-look-at-superman-in-superman-v-batman-dawn-of-justice/

Soon All Comics Will Be Batman: DC Announces Arkham Manor, Gotham Academy And Digital-First Bat-Manga Translation

Between three monthly titles, a spot in the Justice League, an ongoing weekly series in print and an ongoing weekly digital-first series, you might be under the woefully mistaken impression that there were enough comics about Batman going around to satisfy everyone’s needs. If you are, then you, my friend, are wrong. We always need more Batman. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Today, DC Comics announced not one, but three new Batman comics, set to be released soon: Arkham Manor by Gerry Duggan and Shawn Crystal, Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan, Brendan Fletcher and Karl Kerschl, and a digital-first collection of Jiro Kuwata‘s Bat-Manga, translated and reprinted in its entirety for the first time since it was originally published in Japan in 1966.


Arkham Manor cover by Shawn Crystal


As revealed by Entertainment Weekly, Arkham Manor finds Duggan and Crystal, who previously worked together on Marvel’s comedy book Deadpool, exploring the premise of what happens when a catastrophe strikes Arkham Asylum, leading Gotham City to find a new place to house its most notorious villains. And judging by Crystal’s cover for the first issue, that new place is Batman’s ancestral home, Wayne Manor.

It’s an interesting idea. Despite various revisions and additions over the years that have included a prison floor plan based on the Nine Circles of Hell (not exactly a great way to promote mental health, when you get right down to it), Arkham itself has been characterized since at least 1989′s Batman: Arkham Asylum as a stately mansion that was turned into a treatment and detention center for the criminally insane. At the very least, that sets a precedent for taking Old Money homes and turning them into prisons for your various Riddlers and KGBeasts, but at the same time, you’d think that given the track record at play here, maybe Gotham would want to try to do things completely differently than this time.

What’s really intriguing about this is that Wayne Manor itself has rarely been used as a plot point or a setting for Batman stories, and certainly not as the focus. There’s a bit of Batman: RIP that takes place there, and Court Of Owls featured an invasion of the manor, but usually those stories focus on the Batcave beneath the manor rather than the house itself. It raises a lot of questions about just what’s going on here — has Bruce Wayne volunteered the use of his home in order to keep a closer eye on his foes, or is something else going on? Either way, it’s something we haven’t really seen before, and that’s pretty exciting.


Gotham Academy cover by Karl Kerschl, DC Comics


In Gotham Academy, also announced at EW, Cloonan, Fletcher and Kerschl are also doing something that feels like a pretty fresh take. There have been a few attempts to show Gotham City through the eyes of characters who weren’t superheroes — most notably in Gotham Central, the police procedural about the cops trying to deal with supervillains and the consequences of Batman punching out their suspects and leaving them tied to lampposts outside the station — but never presented as a “teen drama” that, from the looks of things, is about schoolgirls in Gotham City.

It’s worth noting that Cloonan has already secured a place in Gotham City as the first woman to ever draw an issue of Batman — something that took over 70 years to happen, a fact that boggles the mind — but seeing her launch a new Batman title, especially one with this kind of new take, is pretty exciting stuff. As for Fletcher, he and Kerschl previously worked together on the Flash story in the Wednesday Comics anthology, one of the highlights of the book that really underscored how underrated Kerschl is as an artist. All together, they’re not the sort of team that you’d really expect to see working on a brand-new, high-profile Batman book, which is exactly why they’re so exciting.

According to DC’s press release, Gotham Academy will feature “new characters and old, plus a secret tie to Gotham’s past,” raising the question of just how many secret pasts can one city have. I’m pretty excited to find out.


Bat-Manga by Jiro Kuwata, DC Comics


The final Batman-related announcement, from the Los Angeles Times, focused on the Batman stories created in Japan in 1966 by Jiro Kuwata, which are being published in America for the first time as a digital-first comic, with a print version presumably to follow, starting with the famous “Lord Death Man” story.

Kuwata’s manga was popularized a few years ago with the release of Bat-Manga, a book compiled by graphic designer Chip Kidd that was nominally about the impact of Batman’s popularity on Japanese comics and toys. For many fans, Kuwata’s manga, reprinted from photographs of the original yellowed pages, was way more of a selling point than the photos of old toys, which is one of the reasons that it rankled when Kuwata’s name was omitted from the cover. Now, though, he’s front and center with the digital rerelease.

Bat-Manga had a huge impact among Batman fans, leading to both a brief animated adaptation of “Lord Death Man” on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as well as influencing Grant Morrison and Yannick Paquette’s creation of Batman Japan, whose civilian name of “Jiro Osamu” was a tribute to both Kuwata and the legendary creator of Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka. Unfortunately, Kidd’s reprints were based on the original forty year-old magazines that were still available, while DC’s digital series promises that it will present the stories in their completed forms. Finally, we will all know exactly what happened when Batman fought Professor Gorilla.

For complete and total process nerds, it’s worth noting that, unlike Kidd’s versions, the digital Batmanga strips have been completely relettered in a style that’s more in tune with Western comics:


Batmanga by Jiro Kuwata, DC Comics


Arkham Manor debuts from DC on October 22, Gotham Academy starts October 1, and Batmanga debuts this Saturday, with Kuwata’s entire run reprinted in three paperback volumes later this year.

Read More: New Batman Titles: Arkham Manor, Gotham Academy, Bat-Manga | http://comicsalliance.com/dc-comics-batman-arkham-manor-gotham-academy-bat-manga/?trackback=tsmclip

Some of the new 3D Motion Covers coming out from DC in September. Which one(s) do you want?

Some of the new 3D Motion Covers coming out from DC in September. Which one(s) do you want?

3-D Motion Cover: MAY140296
3-D Motion Cover MAY140342
3-D Motion Cover: MAY140294
3-D Motion Cover MAY140312


3-D Motion Cover: MAY140310
3-D Motion Cover MAY140286
3-D Motion Cover: MAY140326
3-D Motion Cover MAY140320
3-D Motion Cover: MAY140290
3-D Motion Cover MAY140270
3-D Motion Cover: MAY140292
3-D Motion Cover MAY140340
3-D Motion Cover: MAY140348
3-D Motion Cover MAY140300


Move Over Captain America 3. Disney May Throw Star Wars 7 Against Batman vs Superman !

15045Batman vs Superman logo

DC vs Marvel …..  Warner Bros vs Disney

Companies keep playing “chicken” with one another. There is no reason to do that but the feeling is that if things stay this way, Captain America 3 would lose out to Batman vs Superman with a new Batman and the first appearance of Wonder Woman (and maybe others on the big screen.

Star Wars VII is scheduled to come out in December 2015 and Disney has already said that future installments of Star Wars will go back to its traditonal May release dates.

Now there is word that Star Wars VII may still need some work (script wise). Could this mean that Star Wars VII could be moved to May 2016? But what about Captain America 3? Well Captain America 2 is doing fantastic for an “April” release so why not release Captain America 3 in April 2016.

What do you think…. 

– If it’s Captain America 3 against Batman vs Superman, which would u see?

– If it’s Star Wars VII against Batman vs Superman, which would u see…




Comment below!!!





Take A First Look At ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Multiplayer Trailer For Mobile !

Injustice: Gods Among Us

DC All Access has released a first look trailer for the multiplayer update of the Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game is a free to play collectible card game. It  allows players to build a roster of playable characters, moves and powers and battle in touch based 3 on 3 combat. This new multiplayer update will allows players to take their head-to-head against other Injustice players for the first time.

Can’t wait for it !


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