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Close Up Look at Those Iron Man Armors in New IRON MAN 3 Poster

Earlier today Marvel released an awesome new poster for Iron Man 3. The poster featured a small army of other Iron Man armors ready for battle! We've now got some great closeup shots of those Iron Man armor suits, giving

Tron Style Hulk vs Iron Man !!!

Fellow programs! For your entertainment we have two Users battling to the death. We have the strength of the Hulk vs the ingenuity of Iron Man. Gladiators, welcome to games of The Grid! Refusing to fight will result in immediate de-resolution. (Thank...

Badass Iron Man and Spider-Man Fan Art !!!

Check out these incredibly cool pieces of fan art created by Dan Burgess featuring portraits of Iron Man and Spider-Man. These would make great prints, they're dark, bold and badass.  

Fan Made IRON MAN Gauntlet Shoots Lasers !!!

Since I am not as smart or as wealthy as Tony Stark, I will never be able to make my very own Iron Man suit. However, after seeing this fully functional fan-made Iron Man Gauntlet I do have some hope.

Iron Vader: Billion Dollar Dark Side – Badass Geek Art !!!

Here's a badass piece of geek art for you today called "Billion Dollar Dark Side." It features an Iron Man and Darth Vader mashup character holding the head of Batman. The illustration was created by , and comes with the

Jon Favreau Discusses Swingers, Iron Man, and Cowboys & Aliens …..

  In a recent interview on stand-up comedian Marc Maron's WTF podcast, director Jon Favreau looks back at his life, how his career got started and the films he's made. It's really a great listen, and I suggest you check it out, especial...

Magneto Vs. Iron Man Geek Art …..

Here's an incredibly cool piece of Geek Art featuring Magneto taking apart Iron Man. I actually don't recall seeing these two Marvel characters together before, but I think it's safe to say Magneto has the upper hand. That is unless


Mike McCooey is back with another great superhero Lego design. Earlier we shared his poseable figure for The Amazing Spider-Man. and now we have his Iron Man Mark VII Armor figure.  Here is the desciption from the Lego Cuusoo site: With my

Ten New Year’s Resolutions From Your Favorite Superheroes ……

We are once again on the cusp of a new year,and that means that it's time for the regular yearly round of societally mandated self-improvement, the New Year's Resolution. But while you and I might resolve to get out

Really Cool Biochemical IRON MAN Geek Art

Here's an awesome piece Iron Man Geek Art created by CGHUB artsit SONGQIJIN. It looks like Iron Man has gone through some kind of crazy mutation process. You can check out another cool monsterous Iron Man design here as well.   

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