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Batman vs Pennywise (Fan Made Trailer) #IT #BATMAN

Batman thought that The Joker was the only clown he had to worry about but what would happen if he met IT’s Pennywise? A fan made this cool trailer that puts Ben

Chris Pratt Finds Out He Is Really Chris Evans LOL

  You have to luv Chris Pratt. He recently took a random superhero quiz and the results were quite interesting. The Guardians of the Galaxy star was told that based on his answers, he

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY! What happened on Batman Day …

So did you enjoy Batman (Harley) Day? Hope you did. Here are some of the stories or happenings that you might have missed….  

Happy Harley Quinn Day (sorry Batman)! Here Are 25 Harley Quinns for 25 Years!

Bruce Timm released a thank you video to fans highlighting 25 Harley Quinns from the past 25 years to celebrate Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary this Batman Day puddin’ Harley was created in 1992

Has Marvel and ABC Already Given Up On THE INHUMANS???

I used to be involved in the entertainment business years ago so at time I do look at things from a different perspective. The way things are presented, the way things are

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY! New Comic Book Day 9/21/2017

HAPPY NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!!! What’s going on in the world of comics!        

Warner Bros. has released the new Tomb Raider trailer!!!

Warner Bros. has released the new Tomb Raider trailer!!! Starring Alicia Vikander, Tomb Raider has a March 16, 2018 release date and is directed by Roar Uthaug. It also stars Walton Goggins,

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY! Is The NFL screwing themselves? The NFL Edition 9/18

Has the NFL screwed themselves? Declining ratings have come about this season but is the NFL ready to admit as to the reasons why. Let’s take a look at them …..

“I’m coming for you …”. Marvel and Netflix release a new PUNISHER promo!

“I’m coming for you,” are not the words you want to hear from Frank Castle aka The Punisher! Marvel and Netflix has released a new promotional video for Marvel’s The Punisher that shows Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

Did you know that NEW MUTANTS was filming? Well it’s finished!

The X-Men: New Mutants movie has been so quiet that I didnt realize that it was finished. Well thanks to Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Magik,  she took to Instagram to post the following image of herself

Superman’s Henry Cavill helps friends affected by Hurricane Irma

  We’ve learned through the years that Henry Cavill is a Superman on and off the motion picture screen. This weekend Cavill posted a short video on his Instagram account that we show

Why Mark Hamill doesnt want you to read this old Star Wars comic.

Mark Hamill on Saturday begged fans to stay away from reading an old Star Wars comic that seems to have Last Jedi spoilers in it. The book in question is Star Wars #49 and the issue

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY – The FUNKO Edition! 9/16/17

Funko is an American company that manufactures licensed pop culture toys. Funko is most known for producing licensed vinyl figures and bobbleheads. In addition, Funko produces licensed plush, action figures, and licensed

If this doesnt prove that #WonderWoman is in charge of the #DCEU, I dont know what does

Well when something is going well you might as well keep pushing it. Warner Bros. has just released this Justice League banner and who is at the forefront?   WONDER WOMAN  

An Animated look at Westeros’ history that shaped the #GameOfThrones TV Series …

If you have watched Game of Thrones from the beginning, you know that there is a rich history before the series even takes place that is hinted at. On Thursday, HBO release

Where FANTASY Meets REALITY – The WWE Edition 9/14

Is he a HERO? Arrow returns for Season 6 on Oct 12th

“Hero”   Arrow returns on its new night and time on Thursday, October 12th at 9pm ET following Supernatural starring Stephen Amell on the CW! The new day and time scares me

I Think We Broke Time – The DC Legends of Tomorrow Promo Trailer!

” I think we broke time”   DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns on Tuesday, October 10th on the CW network. A new “Time Remix” trailer has been released by the CW. See

Why Is Marvel Making An Announcement On A Friday?

Who is VOYAGER? Is this a new character or an old character in a new costume? The intriguing part of this is that Marvel is stating that we will find out more

The Evolution of Spider-Man’s Costume Through The Years

Spider-Man’s costume has evolved greatly through years not only in the comics but also in the movies. Here, Halloween Costumes not only takes a look at how his costume had not only