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Nick Fury Featured in CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Set Video and Photos

Captain America: The Winter Solider is currently shooting in Cleveland OH, and we've got some photos and video from the set. They feature Samuel L. Jackson's stunt double as Nick Fury, and as you'll see, he's facing off against the Washington

Will Nick Fury’s Backstory Be Included in CAPTAIN AMERICA 2?

I've enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in the Marvel films. He's a great character that's also helped tie everything together leading up to The Avengers, which is where he had his biggest role. It sounds like he'll also have

Pokemon Avengers Assemble !!!

Filed under: Movies, Gaming, Animation, Art, Culture As much as we've enjoyed imaging our own Pokémon/Marvel Comics mahsups here at ComicsAlliance, there are always more skilled artists embracing their mutual fandoms to celebrate. Take Feriow...

What Could Have Been … ‘The Avengers’ Movie Poster Remix: The Goofiest Costumes

In the afterglow of The Avengers movie's prosperous opening weekend, it's easy to picture the team in their movieverse attire -- especially since it's inspired by the most recognizable components of their comic book c...

‘The Avengers’ – Featuring Loki & Nick Fury

Check out this awesome new clip featuring Loki and Nick Fury.  I realize that it’s hard to escape the buzz surrounding Joss Whedon’s latest film ‘The Avengers,’ but why would you want to?  Dennis has already seen the movie twice,

Halloween Comes Early With New ‘Avengers’ and ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie Costume Images

Filed under: Marvel, Movies It may feel a little early to start thinking about Halloween, but considering the recent release of new footage from The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man movies, the timing of Costume Craze's recent blog posts revealin...

If You Havent Seen It Yet, Here is THE “OFFICIAL” AVENGERS Trailer!!!

Well, here it is: The first official trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers has arrived online, and if you’ve seen any of the set videos or previously-released still images, then you’ve already got a sense of where this one is heading.